Cisco’s strategy has evolved for many years and this week we have solidified our Hybrid, Multicloud, and App-centric cloud strategies with our Future Cloud launch.

The journey you are on, at this moment, is as big as anything you have experienced in the market. The span of opportunities has never been greater. Your customers’ CIOs and IT leaders are held accountable to outcome-based results to run their businesses.

Subsequently, they look to you and the entire partner ecosystem to achieve these outcomes.

The pandemic has been many things, but possibly the most profound partner-related event, was the focus on technology. And not technology for technology’s sake, but how it allowed humanity and business to continue.

But what partner are you?

  • Are you going to be the single face of change and business acceleration?
  • Will you be a specialist?
  • Can you help customers optimize how they operate?
  • Can you develop cloud architectures?
  • Will you create application development opportunities for your customers?

Take the following chart from IDC. This is their take on what is happening to the global ecosystem, and to use a time-honored phrase – are you ready?Parner of the Future 2.0 - IDC

Watch this conversation between myself and Steve White (IDC) from Cisco Live.

As partners, you take this to an even deeper level as you explore services. There are three ways in which you can meet your customers where they are. You can help your customers build out their cloud environment, scale their on-prem applications into the cloud, or if they are already in the cloud, pull together their policies to optimize what they already have.

These services represent only a small sample of what you can bring as the art of the possible to your customers. I am sure you have many more examples of how you build, scale, and optimize your customers’ businesses to thrive in a fully digitized world.

“Our customers need guidance and solutions to fully realize their digital aspirations. Cisco’s innovations in network automation, compute, and full-stack observability now comprise an even more comprehensive portfolio and strengthen our ability to help customers transform through hybrid cloud strategies.”
—Stephen Ayoub, President, Ahead

I mentioned earlier that Cisco has evolved our strategies to make sure we offer the best solutions customers desire. Cisco provides industry-leading capabilities to make you successful. Here is what we believe is the benefits you can take forward from your investment in the Cisco’s Future Cloud approach:

Cisco offers a wealth of launch support information in these areas by going to the following resources and consulting with your Partner or Distribution Account Manager.

For further information, please visit:

We all look forward to finishing Cisco fiscal year strong! Thank you for your dedication and continuous contributions to our collective success.

All the best,

Jason W. Gallo


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