Cloud has revolutionized the way we develop, deploy, buy and sell. Businesses today are increasingly looking to add hybrid, private and public cloud solutions to their existing managed services to deploy cost-effective solutions. This increases their agility to scale up or down, boosts productivity, and helps simplify operations. This means that resources can focus on the core business, reduce total cost of ownership, and find smart ways to replace an aging infrastructure. This, in my opinion, is leading to profound change and presenting countless new business opportunities.

Our recent Intercloud announcements from Rob Lloyd and Edison Peres underscore Cisco’s commitment to Cloud based consumption models and today we are expanding our cloud and managed services portfolio to include five new Cisco Powered Cloud Services and one new Cisco Powered Managed Service portfolio for a total of 11 Cisco Powered Cloud and 10 Managed services. This will continue to enable our Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Program (CMSP) partners to expand their portfolio of cloud and managed offers to transform the customer experience.

Below is a brief description of our new cloud and managed services:

Introducing Five New Cisco Powered Cloud Services

  • Cisco Powered™ Cloud Cell Architecture for SAP HANA: Based on the Cisco’s HANA Reference Architecture, Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Program (CMSP) Partners can now offer SAP HANA in an “as-a-Service” model from a cloud-based platform. The architecture is based on the Cisco Integrated Infrastructure (CII) standards and covers a cell-based design for SAP HANA, management and orchestration, a scalable network design, and security and isolation.
  • Cisco Powered Hosted Security as a Service (HSS): Based on Cisco’s virtual security appliance technologies, HSS provides partners with the opportunity to deliver subscription-based “as-a-Service” offers using hosted and managed models. Partners can monetize Cisco’s broad portfolio of security products, streamline operations with a complete management system, optimize capital investments in the data center through virtualization, and assure the highest security for customers.
  • Cisco Powered BYOD as a Service (BYODaaS): Allows partners to deliver a flexible managed enterprise Wi-Fi solution that enables employees to bring their own devices into the enterprise corporate network in a secure manner. The service addresses the needs of small and midsize businesses in a scalable cloud-based solution that hosts multiple customers in a partitioned, virtualized environment.
  • Cisco Powered Foundation for Software as a Service (FnSaaS): Provides independent software vendor (ISV) an entry-level Cisco platform to offer their applications in an “as-a-Service” model in a more cost-effective manner, rather than deploying the complete Cisco Powered Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
  • Cisco Powered Application Experience as a Service (AXaaS): Enables partners to deliver a cloud-based service for subscribers to monitor their network resource usage, application performance metrics, and the performance improvements resulting from deploying application-aware quality of service (QoS) and optimization policies.

Introducing One New Cisco Powered Managed Service

Cisco Powered Data Services over Satellite (DSoS): For partners supporting remote locations via satellite, there is a need for connectivity models that scale and help maintain network policies, similar to terrestrial access options. The DSoS architecture helps partners provide QoS and consistent policy application to deliver a scalable solution.

We’re on a continuum of helping partners build rich and robust Cisco Powered services for customers. And our partners are integral to our success. Visit our website to learn more about the new Cisco Powered services and watch success stories to see how our partners are transforming customer experiences. I would like to hear from you, your thoughts and your business perspective, so please use the comments section to provide feedback.


Arjun Lahiri

Global Director

Partner Strategy and Programs