At Cisco, we are on a mission – with our partners – to build the best Customer Experience in the industry.  We will ensure our customers capture full value from their investments in Cisco and accelerate their business outcomes. To explain how you, our partners, will play a critical role in Cisco’s Customer Experience opportunity we have launched a video series – “CX Partner Model: Making History Together”.

(Please note: Each video is for Cisco Partner use only. You will be prompted to log in with your Cisco Partner user name and password to access these videos. For the best user experience, you should use the Chrome browser.)

There is no version of the future where Cisco and CX can be successful without our partners!

We are building our CX Model with our Partners. We understand that many of you have already implemented Customer Lifecycle practices in your companies and have proven the value of CX to our joint customers, but some of you are early in your CX journey.  We understand that the Lifecycle process is not just about selling hardware, but to help customers achieve their business outcomes, we need to be there at every point in their lifecycle.

We’re kicking off the series with 5 episodes.  Here are the initial topics and what you can expect:

Episode 1: Purpose and Principles of Cisco CX:  Covers the principles we keep in mind as we build the CX model in a way that aligns with our diverse partner community and ensures concurrent profitability.

Episode 2: What We Have Heard and Learned From Partners: “Differentiate…Give Us Time…Build with Us…” These are just a few of the key messages we will address in what we have learned thus far.

Episode 3: Building Blocks for a Sustainable CX Model:  In this episode, we step into our partner’s shoes and discuss the building blocks needed to build a sustainable customer success practice through business model, operational model and organizational model.

Episode 4: How Cisco Will Help Partners:  Following each building block in Episode 3, we outline how Cisco is helping partners build a sustainable CX model in business – to make money, operationally – in day-to-day work, and organizationally – to instill a culture that will support customer success.

Episode 5:  Integrated Timeline:  After viewing the first 4 segments, we share our estimated timeline for rolling out our CX Partner Model as we continue to get feedback from partners.

Be sure to look for many more short videos in this series while our subject experts will continue to dive deeper into each building block in upcoming episodes.

With an incredible opportunity before us, we will make history with you.

We hope you’ll watch each of the episodes in our CX Partner Model video series now featured here.


Rajat Mishra

Senior Vice President and General Manager

CX Product Management