Environmental sustainability is an expanding focus and topic of discussion for many business leaders around the world, and many continue to reshape their operations to further support the wellbeing, stability, and future of the planet. The economy is evolving from one that extracts resources and eventually discards them, to one which finds new uses for products and their inputs. According to a survey from McKinsey & Co., most people in the world today are attuned to the environmental impacts of their lifestyles, and 66% of consumers prefer to purchase sustainable items. Similarly, a recent IDC study showed that 63% of technology professionals worldwide believe sustainability is a very or extremely important business priority.

Given these trends and Cisco’s status as a global technology leader, our approach to environmental sustainability is holistic. We are considering everything—from our operations and engagement with suppliers to how we can help customers and communities reduce their environmental impacts and adapt to a changing world. Cisco is committed to leveraging our unique strengths to power an inclusive future for all. That is why we are focusing on not just a sustainable future, but a regenerative one.

Get More Involved in Sustainability

There are many opportunities to dive into sustainability. If you are interested in learning more, here are some links:

  1. The Plan for Possible: Connecting a regenerative future – Cisco Blogs
  2. Environmental Sustainability – Cisco.com
  3. Cisco Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reporting Hub
  4. Grow a sustainable IT Strategy with Cisco Capital and Cisco Refresh

We have expanded these efforts to our valued partners by offering an Environmental Sustainability Specialization (ESS). The specialization recognizes partners for their commitment to sustainability and joining Cisco in our pledge to work together for a sustainable future. To earn the specialization, partners provide evidence of an established practice that supports their and their customers’ journey towards being more sustainable. We give partners access to foundational tools to achieve this through education and examples from our sustainability story. Hundreds of partners across the globe have already earned the specialization, giving them competitive differentiation and access to the Takeback Incentive, an exclusive discount of up to 7% on migration opportunities. This discount is provided when partners (and customers) commit to sending old hardware back to Cisco, using our free takeback services. That hardware is then remanufactured, reused, resold, or responsibly recycled.

Furthermore, our Environmental Sustainability Black Belt track aims to help partners support customers’ sustainability priorities. If you would like a dedicated learning map on Environmental Sustainability this is for you! You will learn about strategies that can help customers move toward net zero, the circular economy, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions, and other sustainability initiatives.

Finally, if your organization is leading the way in sustainability initiatives, has a sustainability story to share, or would like ideas on how to get more involved in environmental stewardship, we welcome you to check out our Partnering for Purpose SalesConnect hub.

By pursuing what’s possible, we can accelerate the transition into the digital age while maintaining the health of the planet — and a climate future we need for future generations to come.

Visit our ESG Reporting Hub for more details on our initiatives.


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Abhijeet Karve

Business Development Manager