My mother is 82 years old and she occasionally suffers from incredible back pain, leaving her in the hospital. and it is sad that she spends a lot of her time at hospitals. Often when I take her to the hospital, the visits are long and stressful. I can testify that it is challenging for hospitals, doctors, and nurses to provide timely information to patients and their families. There are also challenges in providing services to keep patients and families connected, and they would prefer to keep clinician engaged even if they are not at the hospital. Healthcare needs to meet patient expectations, and there are tremendous opportunities for partners to guide healthcare providers on their digital transformation journey.

Cisco is helping industries reap the benefits of digitizing their businesses, but IT buyers often focus on the “tech” (and we sellers do the same). But what does the network mean for line of business (LOB) decision makers who want to personalize care, streamline clinical workflows, optimize business operations, and facilitate security? And why this is important to you, as a Cisco partner?

In many cases, it comes down to the network foundation that supports a hospital and the security that keeps all the data safe. Let me give you an example: The innovation guys at a hospital deploy a new great medical device to all nurses, but it doesn’t work correctly. The first thought is to blame the equipment. It’s not working! The project has failed!! But perhaps it wasn’t the device. Was the network modern enough to support and manage these new devices? Were they adequately configured with the right security policies?

The ability to sense and understand the context of everything that is happening across all applications, users and devices on a hospital’s network makes a difference in seamless care. And the impact of the network on business outcomes could be huge when it comes to protecting patients and data, streamlining clinical workflows, and improving the patient experience.

Our latest innovation, Cisco’s intent-based network provides faster, flexible deployment and more straightforward management of an intelligent network – helping IT teams get up and running in days, instead of months.

Through actionable insights:

  • The network is informed by Context– it learns who, how, and when every piece of data flows through the hospital, improving the user/device experience. This constant learning supports 100X more devices and apps and users, with the ability to automatically identify and prioritize devices on the network. New Innovation with fewer hassles.
  • Automation creates Intent-based policies enabling IT to onboard and configure new medical devices quickly. For hospitals, the network adapts to business demands by predicting performance and adjusting to maximize performance, with minimum IT support. Now Hospital can do more with less
  • In a very complex data-driven environment like healthcare, the network’s Intuition learns of each of the segments, extracting insightful information that can be used to manage the network more efficiently and proactively, this keeps clinicians connected to the information they need, when and where they need it. Increasing Doctor engagement with their staff, patients, and families

With healthcare no longer constrained by time and place, a new world of opportunities is opening up – increasing access to quality healthcare and reducing costs. The new network needs to adapt to the changing environment and needs to evolve to meet the challenges of the Administrators, Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, and researchers.   And most importantly this is about the needs of the patient – patients like my Mom.

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Andres Ruiz

Senior Business Development Manager

Global Partner Organization