It’s been a year since the Cisco Enterprise Agreement 3.0 became generally available, and we’ve seen incredible results for customers and partners. The story gets even better when Partners use Cisco Enterprise Agreement with a lifecycle approach; they see software growth 2.5x greater, renewal rates of 3x and 2x faster bookings growth.

These numbers are no mystery.

Think about what has happened over the last four years – since the pandemic accelerated digital transformation that was already underway. Today we work differently, study differently, interact with doctors differently. Entertainment, travel, supply chain and e-commerce are completely changed, and all of it is enabled by applications.

Enhanced Flexibility for Customers

The Cisco Enterprise Agreement gives customers the flexibility to add applications when needed, delivering faster time to market and the ability to scale to accelerate a growing business. When a partner has built a trusted advisor relationship, and works with their customers across the lifecycle, they are ready to help them deploy and adopt new technology that’s literally changing the world.

The EA is strategically designed to enable a lifecycle approach, and it’s now available through Managed Services Enterprise Agreement, Distributors and Cloud Marketplace. There has never been a better way to deliver the technology customers need, when they need it, with easier procurement and payment.

Empowering Partners

If that’s not enough to make it worthwhile, we’ve improved our incentives to help partners be profitable across the lifecycle and we’ve been working to improve our platform, tools, and telemetry, giving partners more visibility to help customers achieve their outcomes faster.

If you are not already selling the Cisco Enterprise Agreement, get authorized now. Want to elevate your EA game with a lifecycle approach?

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Gary Wolfson

Director, Global Partner Software Sales