Brand Protection are a team of investigators and engineers who actively monitor the marketplace to identify sellers of counterfeit and unauthorized Cisco products and take steps to curb this problem.

When we see counterfeit products that infringe on our intellectual property, we pursue the enforcement of our rights. Cisco Brand Protection works with law enforcement authorities around the globe, which results in police raids at the counterfeit source and Customs seizures at border points of entry to limit the influx of infringing products.

At our most recent Global Partner Summit, Oliver Tuszik stated, “We are committing to removing $1.3 Billion annually in displaced sales due to grey market and counterfeit activities.” Our priority remains to actively support our partners in protecting their investment in Cisco.

As a Cisco Partner, we do understand that despite all the risks from unauthorized and counterfeit goods, pricing remains an issue, which is where Cisco Refresh comes in. It’s a great option to combat unauthorized market products at an attractive price point, while also benefiting from remanufacturing transparency, legitimate software licenses, and the assurance that all equipment is in compliance with the latest Engineering Change Orders (ECOs).

Cisco Refresh’s remanufactured equipment undergoes a painstaking multipoint process before being certified for resale, including inspection, data purge, hardware and firmware upgrades, testing, reconfiguration, rework/repairs, relicensing, cleaning, and packaging.

Customers can have peace of mind knowing they are buying genuine products with no compromise in quality, performance, support, or value when choosing Cisco Refresh. By working together to introduce new, innovative programs to our Partners, Cisco is protecting your investment, improving your sales, and combating counterfeits.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to refreshquestions@cisco.com or brandprotection@cisco.com 



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Al Palladin

Legal Director

Global Brand Protection