The Cisco Black Belt Partner Listening Program is a testament to Cisco Black Belt Academy’s unwavering commitment to partner experience and satisfaction. This innovative initiative has not only revolutionized the way the Academy engages with its partners but has also become a resounding success story worth sharing. Let’s delve into what this program is, how it is executed, and why it has achieved immense success.

What Is the Cisco Black Belt Partner Listening Program?

The Cisco Black Belt Partner Listening Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to foster a deeper understanding of partner needs and preferences within the dynamic technology industry. It represents a holistic approach that recognizes the interdependent relationship between Cisco Black Belt Academy and its learners. In an industry characterized by rapid changes and evolving market dynamics, this program prioritizes the vital task of staying relevant by actively listening to partners.

How does it Operate?

The Cisco Black Belt Partner Listening Program, initiated in FY22 Q4 through targeted surveys, has become one of the driving forces behind Cisco Black Belt Academy’s success. The feedback received has led to actionable tasks incorporated into Cisco Black Belt’s Annual Refreshes. Its huge success in Phase 1 has prompted ongoing implementation in subsequent quarters, with Phase 3 introducing exciting developments based on partner responses, setting the stage for an impactful FY24 Annual Refresh.

The invaluable feedback gathered through this initiative drives platform improvements and course enhancements, exemplifying a commitment to learner-centric delivery. This real-time feedback loop ensures that partner voices are not just heard but acted upon, solidifying trust and collaboration.

How It Became a Huge Success?

Cisco Black Belt Academy stands apart by aligning its curriculum orientation with partner desires. By actively involving partners in the development process, the academy ensures that its offerings are precisely tailored to meet partner needs.

The program’s proactive approach to partner engagement fosters a sense of partnership rather than a transactional relationship. Partners are no longer passive consumers but active contributors to course refinement and platform development.

By dedicating themselves to continuous learning from partners, Cisco Black Belt Academy demonstrates a commitment to improvement. This willingness to evolve and adapt has made partners feel valued and heard.

The program’s tangible outcomes, such as platform improvements and revamped courses, reflect Cisco Black Belt Academy’s responsiveness to partner input. Partners can see their suggestions being put into action, enhancing their overall experience.

In conclusion, the Cisco Black Belt Partner Listening Program isn’t merely a program; it’s a compelling narrative of triumph and growth. By embracing a customer-centric approach, engaging partners proactively, and demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning, Cisco Black Belt Academy has set a benchmark for partner experience among the other Partner Enablement initiatives. Partners are not only learners but valued collaborators, contributing to the academy’s growth and success.

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Ritul Shukla

Program Manager

Cisco Black Belt Academy