In the ever-evolving world of digital connectivity, Cisco continues to pave the way with innovative solutions not just centered around technological advances, but also around how those advances can easily be consumed by customers. Over the last three years, Cisco and Megaport have collaborated deeply by:

  1. Integrating Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN with Megaport global network connectivity services (Megaport Virtual Edge and Megaport Virtual Cross Connects)
  2. Delivering a single vendor consumption model for customers to purchase Megaport services via Cisco (available since September 2021 on Cisco Global Price List)

Cisco’s Pay-as-You-Go Initiative

Today, we are happy to announce that Cisco and Megaport are extending their partnership by introducing a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) offer for Megaport Virtual Edge, Virtual Cross Connects, and Ports through Cisco’s Global Price List. As an alternative to the existing term-based offer, Cisco’s pay-as-you-go offer provides businesses with unprecedented flexibility, scalability, and a cloud-like consumption model for Megaport underlay services.

Cisco’s PAYG offer for Megaport services is a dynamic approach to network resource management. It is designed to ensure businesses only pay for the infrastructure resources they utilize, providing an efficient and economical solution. This model signifies a shift from the traditional, static network infrastructure to a more dynamic, flexible, and cost-effective alternative. The pay-as-you-go offer will be available in March 2024 and will be integrated with Megaport Virtual Edge, Megaport Virtual Cross Connects, and Megaport Ports.

Both consumption models give customers a single vendor experience for their global connectivity requirements through Catalyst SD-WAN Manager, allowing them to bring up network infrastructure to create global wide area networks, connect to multiple cloud environments, and setup easy data recovery systems in a matter of minutes. There’s no need for customers to deal with multiple vendors, manage various contracts, or navigate multiple portals.

We’re excited to expand our partnership with Cisco. Megaport was the first to integrate its middle-mile connectivity with Cisco’s Catalyst SD-WAN. Enabling the new pay-as-you-go consumption model with Cisco provides customers with even greater flexibility.

– Matt Simpson, Executive Vice President Business Development, Megaport

Key Benefits of Cisco’s PAYG for Megaport Services

Currently adopted by a wide variety of business verticals (healthcare, tech, global IT services, financial services, and public sectors), middle-mile optimization with Catalyst SD-WAN and Megaport, allows businesses to realize a range of benefits.

illustration of Megaport's cloud to cloud connectivity

  • Flexibility and scalability: The PAYG offer allows for dynamic scaling of network connectivity, thus creating a cloud-like consumption model for site-to-cloud, site-to-site, and cloud-to-cloud connectivity requirements. This flexibility is crucial in today’s ever-changing business environment, where adaptability, agility, and ease of use are key determinants of success.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Organizations can manage their network resources based on their specific requirements and only pay for the resources they consume. With a $0 upfront commitment and a single billing and support platform, Cisco aims to reduce the multi-vendor requisite customers must deal with for their global networking infrastructure needs.
  • Secure and reliable: By leveraging Megaport’s robust global platform with a 99.999% SLA, businesses can enjoy seamless, secure connections to a vast network of service providers (data centers, public clouds, and SaaS) in a colocation-agnostic manner, while Catalyst SD-WAN ensures end-to-end encryption for data at rest and data in transit.
  • Global WAN: Megaport’s extensive global footprint allows businesses to deploy Megaport Virtual Edge hosting the Catalyst 8000V in 70+ metros across the globe, giving users access to Megaport’s backbone in a data center agnostic manner. Multi-national enterprises have deployed resilient and responsive global WANs in a manner of minutes using Catalyst SD-WAN and Megaport underlays, thus empowering them to do away with their legacy networks, long term contracts, and the insecurities of using public internet services. This global reach, combined with Cisco’s Catalyst SD-WAN, enables organizations to create a truly borderless and responsive network infrastructure.

Illustration of Megaport's Global Connectivity

Cisco’s launch of the pay-as-you-go offer for Megaport services delivers unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency to organizations looking to modernize their global network infrastructure while transforming to a cloud-first environment by providing a network that mimics the same.


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