This past year we have been working on aligning, enabling, and accelerating partner success through distribution. We have led a successful year; despite the many challenges we have faced as a united society. Our success is more than just profitability, although that is vastly important and a key initiative for the coming fiscal year, it’s also connecting families, enabling small businesses to keep the lights on, and doing our part to help millions get vaccinated.
Moving into FY22 at the end of the month, we are still aiming to fuel partner success. Since I am not alone in this quest, I thought I’d bring in some of my team to talk about our key priorities.


The Americas Distribution team is quite expansive and to help me talk about our Canadian priorities, I would like to introduce Giovanni Stea, Director of Partner Operations and Distribution Sales in Canada. So, tell me how things are going in Canada?

Giovanni: We’ve seen tremendous efforts to continue driving a powerful partner experience. In fact, that’s our vision for FY22: Create a partner experience that fosters innovation, growth, and builds the communities we serve. This is of course centered around our Partner Resellers and aiding them in building up their Cloud, IoT, or E-Commerce practices.

I love that vision. It’s very closely related to our theme for all of Americas Distribution, Fueling Partner Success. What else will you add to your partner experience?

Giovanni: We are going to continue tapping into our Force Multiplier, our Distributors. They are the key to fueling successful programs, scaling to reach communities, Radius of course, LCA, and so much more. We’re also going to with a double down approach to our focus Partners. We want to amplify their business architectures, lifecycle, and DevOps. Ensuring our Distributors have the key resources their partners need to grow their business is a key priority.

I appreciate the work your teams put into making a difference for our Distributors and their partners, especially in Canada.

Latin America

To keep the ball rolling, I’d like to introduce Renato Crepaldi, Senior Manager of Latin America Distribution, to talk about what our LATAM teams will focus on in the coming months.

Renato: We are really leveraging Fast Track to help accelerate business. Through this program our Distributors and their Partners can offer competitive pricing on high volume Cisco solutions. When our Distributors are following this program, they’re easily able to give their partners the right price so they can turn deals around quickly.

Fast Track has been a great advantage for our Distributors and Partners. Weren’t we just talking about Collaboration the other day?

Renato: Absolutely, we are going to really lean into our Best-in-Class Collaboration portfolio. Our per user per month promotion is great for small and midsized businesses alike, but we also have End-Point sales that we also want to hold onto. Like the globe, there are many companies who have not returned to the office. Our Secure Remote Worker bundle is a great opportunity to provide a secure collaborative environment for customers, so we will also focus on that

Thank you, Renato, for the commitment and leadership to Distribution in our Latin America region.


I’d now like to introduce Craig Cieplinski and Mike Perez, Directors of US Distributors. With just about half of Cisco’s U.S. distribution landscape covering direct sales, partners, and, of course, distribution, what is coming in FY22?

Craig: Our Partner ledEnterprise Agreements (EA) are key for us this coming fiscal. Cisco has all the capability to offer end-to-end solutions between hardware, software, and services and we’re committed to helping Distributors build up an EA practice. Black Belt Academy-there’s a straightforward way for you to learn more and get started.

I completely agree. Our EA practice is very strong since we have a complete solution and it’s easy to learn more. What else is going on within Distribution?

Craig: We are planning a very busy, but profitable fiscal. Like many others, we are looking at Secure Remote Work and Work Your Way. More people are experiencing a hybrid work style, so businesses need a set of products that span across our collaboration, security, and networking technologies in order keep working efficiently.

Knowing how many people, even within Cisco, who are still working remotely or in a hybrid environment, I know how important it is to be able to access your networking and colleagues as quickly, often, and securely as possible. Thank you for both for your dedication and I look forward to our work together this coming fiscal.


Stay tuned for Part 2!


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John Brookbank

Vice President, Americas Distribution

WW Partner Sales