I’ve watched my son’s teachers struggle with video conferencing technology as they try to get whole classes of 12-year-olds online. It’s difficult, to say the least.

I’ve also seen my husband try to get his company’s employees accustomed with remote working.  He’s an IT Director for a non-profit organization that typically serves the public face-to-face.  Helping them pivot to doing this digitally has been challenging.  During the course of working from home he has been patientially explaining how to download the meeting software, how to join meetings, how they can mute and unmute themselves, and many more logistics and best practices.  I shudder to think of how many other IT folks are in the same boat right now.  Our IT leaders, remote workers, and education and healthcare heroes are having to figure out this new normal.

For Cisco and our partners, we are committed to making us all successful, and helping to support business continuity. You can see all the specific offers for partners  on the Cisco COVID-19 website.

The Cisco Customer Experience teams quickly prioritized the sharing of our expertise and the creation of wireless, collaboration and security offers to help us all address the urgent use cases for remote work, education and healthcare.

Sharing Expertise

First, we expanded access to Cisco experts for you and for our shared customers. We have self-help, free resources with Ask the Expert Sessions (ATX).  Customers and partners can join these sessions together to learn more about how to quickly obtain the capabilities needed.  Join upcoming sessions or listen to recordings to past sessions – there is a lot of really good information out there covering numerous topics delivered in multiple languages.

Here is a snapshot of just a few topics covered in April:

  • Mobile and Remote Access Solution for Remote Worker Connectivity
  • Collaboration Remote Worker Best Practices
  • Adapting VPN deployment when ALL your workforce is remote
  • Customer Care – Monitoring and Health
  • Addressing the Impact of Remote Work on Networks and Applications

New CX Offers

Across Virtual Education, Secure Remote Work, Virtual Hospital and more, we’ve created new services focused on the key customer challenges of the present, with the opportunity for you to expand and add your value to the initial engagement. Here’s an example of how one of these offers is helping:

Problem: In recent months, a healthcare customer saw an increase in calls to their contact center​. They were was using an on-premises solution and needed to quickly enable more agents to work remotely​.

Solution: Cisco routed increased calls ​to the cloud by deploying Webex Contact Center for 1000 agents​.  We activated healthcare providers, nurses, clinicians and more​.  Our team set up a touch-tone IVR system to manage incoming calls​, established reporting ​and recording capabilities​, and provided go-live support ​for day-1 and answered questions that came up about reporting​.

Outcomes:  Customer successfully handled ​the rising number of callers​, got the solution up-and-running ​in two weeks​’ time, and was able to maintain business continuity while improving service quality​ at the same time. (Can we say anything here about a partner shadowing, or picking up the relationship to expand the solution going forward?)

For information on all CX Business Continuity offers, visit the CX Partner Hub.


Wendy Davis

Business Development Manager

IoT, SPT, and CX BEs Partner GTM