There is nothing better than quality service. Whether it is your waiter at dinner, the clerk at the grocery store, or the operator on the other end of your service call.

And there is nothing worse than poor service. Being juggled around from one agent to the next, only to find no one on the other end. When is the last time your call was answered and serviced quickly and simply?

We’ll hold…

Let’s face it – call management software doesn’t always make it easy to transfer to the next available representative. And rarely are systems intelligent enough to take automated request sans a human on the other end.

But quality call center service was at the top of the wish list for customer RZF, the IT Department of the Ministry of Finance in Germany. With over 28,000 IP phones and Jabber clients on the network, they needed to organize all of the calls coming in. Especially with vital requests spanning from taxes, pensions, payments and reimbursements just to name a few.

That is when RZF brought in Recos IC, an innovative software provider based out of Germany that builds solutions for service-oriented call handling centers.

As a Cisco Preferred Solution partner, Recos builds on top of Cisco CUCM and Jabber APIs, creating custom, seamless user experiences on top of existing hardware and software when out-of-the box offerings only go so far.

Recos started at the top of RZF’s wishlist, deploying a presence management function. Just because a service agent is at their desk, doesn’t mean they’re available for requests. Now, a service agent who is at their desk but handling administrative tasks is able to switch their status to unavailable. Similarly, another agent who has stepped away for lunch is automatically logged out when they lock their computer.

But the solution doesn’t stop there. The Recos IC Suite also allows RZF leadership to more easily take control during a team shortage or crisis. New management features allow team leads to recruit or move incoming calls over to other available and qualified agents and teams.

Other critical features include Recos provisioning model which provides a simplified administration interface and a server-based call history feature.

With their new unified communication solution, RZF’s savings in infrastructure, IT management and energy costs are substantial.

Between a call agent and attentive customer service, there’s a bridge.

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