With the seventh Circular Electronics Day upon us, we are reminded to consider our use of electronic products, noting how keeping them around longer and recirculating components can help benefit the environment. Supported by the Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, this day is the perfect time to highlight how choosing a circular option is also good for business.  In that vein, we’re introducing the Cisco Circularity Promotion, a deeply discounted offer to support the journey for more businesses to join the circular economy and realize the financial benefits as they work toward their sustainability goals.

At Cisco, as part of our next-generation environmental sustainability strategy, we have prioritized moving from a linear economy, where products are used and then discarded, to a circular economy that makes better use of our limited natural resources. The meaning behind this important day, and the opportunity to continue to offer tangible ways for companies to advance sustainability across their business, is one of the many reasons why the Cisco Circularity Promotion, which grants greater access to Cisco Refresh equipment, has launched.

The promotion includes more than 500 remanufactured (-RF) SKUs and is currently available in specific countries in North America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) through July 27, 2024. All Cisco Refresh products offered within this promotion have gone through an extensive process that ensures our customers receive genuine, fully warranted, Cisco products.

The Cisco Circularity Promotion serves to aid businesses looking to start the new year strong with the technology to stay connected, productive, and protected at an attractive price that optimizes their budget.

Key benefits of the promotion include:

  • Cost:
    • Upfront discount of up to 80% off the Cisco Refresh certified remanufactured (-RF) list price
    • The choice to bundle in certified, remanufactured Cisco equipment at a lower price point based on their specific needs
  • Equipment:
    • A strong alternative to sourcing used equipment from the secondary market with its inherent risks and counterfeit concerns
    • Offers current products and supports EOS items that are needed to support customer legacy environments
    • Genuine, certified, remanufactured equipment with the same warranty and Smart Net eligibility as new Cisco products

The journey towards more sustainable, innovative, and affordable solutions is important for business and the planet. The Cisco Circularity Promotion empowers partners and distributors to remain at the cutting edge of technology and sustainability, all while keeping affordability top of mind.

Partners and distributors should contact their Cisco Refresh Account Manager at refreshquestions@cisco.com or reach out to their Cisco Partner Account Manager.

Learn more about the Cisco Circularity Promotion


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Linda D'Amico

Senior Director, Cisco Refresh & Global Compliance

Cisco Capital/Cisco Refresh