The “Power of 3” is continuing to gain momentum just a few months after I shared it at Partner Summit in Dallas.

The reality of the Power of 3 is that when Cisco partners, Americas Partner Organization (APO), and Cisco’s sales teams work together – we can and will deliver success for our customers. When we engage with our partners and enable our collective knowledge of Cisco’s solution approach to solving our customers’ business challenges – we evolve toward an ultimate unfair advantage over the competition. The Power of 3!

The Power of Services

Optimizing Cisco’s services portfolio is a key component of The Power of 3 and enabling our partners. A good portion of our partners’ profitability in the Americas is driven by services. Every services sale not only generates revenue now, it generates loyalty that delivers revenue later in the customer lifecycle.

Our Accelerate Training Program shows our partners how to evolve their services practice. A partner who uses this program has higher attach and renewal rates compared to partners who don’t. Additionally, partners in the Americas are rewarded for investing in their education – earning 3,000 Cisco Rewards points per each module successfully completed.

Within the Accelerate Training Program lies the heart of services training – the Cisco Services Expert Program (CSEP).  Partners can learn about the value of Cisco Services:

  • How to overcome common objections
  • Best practices for attaching and renewing services
  • How to position multi-year contracts

Upon completion of all 10 modules, partners will receive a CSEP certificate and badge – along with those Cisco Rewards points. Nothing to lose – and everything to gain!

Start leveraging the Power of 3 and the power of Cisco Services to create an unfair advantage for our mutual customers. Get your team CSEP certified now!  And stay tuned here for more evidence of how the Power of 3 will transform your business through the power of partnership!

As always, I love to hear our partners’ feedback in the comments section below.


Rick Snyder

Senior Vice President

Americas Partner Organization