DNA with Integrated Security Keeps Government Data Safe

Every day there’s another story about hackers breaking into a branch of the government or political organization, or a data breach at a big company. The attacks are frequent and increasingly sophisticated. One of our Partner Plus partners, PTS Vietnam, helps customers keep their networks up to date, so attacks are less likely to become disasters.

One particular customer was having trouble with an outdated network and asked PTS Vietnam for help.

PTS Vietnam says…

There’s a province in South Vietnam, where government relies on the Dong Thap IT center to deliver civic services.

Recently, it was time for an upgrade— their aging network came from a mix of vendors. Hacker attacks were becoming more regular and risky, threatening to expose confidential government information to unauthorized eyes.

At PTS Vietnam, our engineers worked closely with Dong Thap to explain how Cisco DNA and security could help. And their IT team agreed.

The new system gives them everything they need to keep their network simple, automated, and secure. The foundation is a Cisco Catalyst network switch. Then a Cisco router ties it all together. And the Cisco ASA Firewall and services keeps everything safe.

Their new network was an instant hit. And the government is happy that their information stays shut safely away. So far, there are 90% fewer hacker attacks on the network.

Thanks PTS Vietnam!

90% fewer attacks? Make it hard and they look elsewhere. Nice work.

It may be “just a network,” but it’s the foundation of everything – your data center, security, collaboration tools. Everything depends on it. Make sure it’s safe.

The story doesn’t end there. Read more stories on what our customers and partners are doing all over the world.

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Julie Colwell

Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing