A future-ready mindset is about anticipating change and being ready to adapt in any scenario. This is especially important when considering how to implement transformational technology across private and multicloud environments.

Cisco's future-ready formula for partner success

With our partners, Cisco can help customers be more resilient by connecting their people, securing their data, and automating their infrastructure.

Moving from plain continuity to true resiliency, our approach is built on cross-architecture and transformational technology.

We know partners are constantly imagining new possibilities for our customers and innovating unique intellectual property and services with Cisco solutions.

When we build with cross-architecture use cases, position with sales plays, and communicate how it all fits together, we can create deeper outcome-based conversations to help ensure customers are future ready.

Partner Summit Digital

Cisco made a number of key cross-architecture announcements at Partner Summit Digital:

  1. Business Resiliency helps partners respond and adapt to business disruptions – Our Business Resiliency Solutions bring peace of mind and greater ease of doing business with the evolving business climate. Partners can enable customers to transition from business continuity to business resiliency and deliver on your customers’ strategic priorities: reimagining applications, securing data, transforming infrastructure, and empowering teams. Our goal is the ensure partners and customers reach new levels of organizational resilience by reimagining and redesigning their workforce and workplace and adapt to change at any scale across their organization, technology investments, and industry landscape.
  2. Partners can accelerate the digital journey and cloud adoption – As we map the digital journey with partners, we recognize that Cisco is the bridge between the clouds customers have, the environment they want, and the results they We are working with partners more than ever before to expand choice and use the technology customers want without compromising security or circumventing governance. We are also improving experiences, as connections are unlocked across technologies and insights are elevated with more consistency and less risk.  And we are clearing the path so partners can do all this securely and with confidence, just as fast as they can innovate.
  3. Partners can transform the operating model with agile platforms – Cisco is helping simplify security with the broadest, most integrated platform through the SecureX platform, which connects the breadth of the Cisco Secure portfolio with your customer’s existing infrastructure for a cloud-native, built-in platform experience.

To enable and accelerate partner success, we are increasing support through our programs, working on our processes and aligning with a simplified go-to-market transformation to make sales faster, easier and more profitable. The Partner Experience Platform (PXP) will also assist on the profitability journey by serving as a single gateway to all the resources and tools partners need.

We know that customers are looking for innovative ways to connect their people, secure their businesses, and automate their processes. At this year’s Partner Summit Digital, it’s been particularly exciting to share our cross-architecture approach. We know organizations today are looking to transition to a reality that requires connecting not just people and devices, but the teams, processes, and policies, as well as the communities that bring them together. Cisco is helping partners deliver this reality for customers with greater ease and simplicity. Together, we are adapting the way we build, transact, and market Cisco solutions.

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Alex Pujols

VP of Global Partner Engineering

Global Partner Sales