Cisco and Logicalis have partnered for over two decades, consistently delivering value to our mutual customers through a focus on innovation and service, combining Cisco world-class hardware and software offerings with Logicalis’ market-leading menu of value-added services.

This mutual commitment to delivering excellence extends into the world of sustainability. In fact, Cisco has been working as a company to decrease its impact on the environment for more than 15 years. We’ve set clear public goals against which we measure and hold ourselves accountable. Although we’ve made progress, we recognize that much more work needs to be done to ensure that people and ecosystems can thrive together on a livable planet.

Logicalis is also committed to sustainability with the stated goal of being Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon neutral by 2025. In keeping with that goal, Logicalis has:

  • Engaged with EcoVadis to provide a holistic understanding of its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance
  • Significantly deepened the scope of its reporting to the CDP
  • Joined the world’s largest group of companies actively driving the reduction in global emissions

Logicalis is committed to reducing its own carbon footprint to zero without relying on carbon offsets to achieve that goal.

With our two powerhouse technology companies leading the charge, it makes perfect sense for us to join forces to further our sustainability goals.

Around the world and across every industry, a low-carbon economy represents a great economic opportunity. Making progress toward net zero emissions requires working with our partners to create integrated ecosystems and solutions for our customers at scale and speed. Cisco is working with partners like Logicalis on innovative, sustainable solutions that the world urgently needs.
— Denise Lee, VP, Engineering Sustainability Office, Cisco

The Environmental Sustainability Specialization (ESS) program

Cisco has always been a partner-led organization and the sustainability challenge is no different. With this in mind, Cisco extended its commitment to sustainability to our valued partners by offering an ESS program.

ESS rewards partners for supporting the Cisco product return pledge and participating in the Cisco global initiative to responsibly repurpose or recycle end-of-use products. Participating partners make a commitment to a 100% product return upon request at no cost to our customers. Participating partners also receive discounts on new products registered in the program and are tagged with a commitment to return the used hardware to Cisco.

Both Logicalis and Cisco are united by a shared goal to help our customers significantly reduce their carbon emissions, thereby safeguarding the health and sustainability of our planet. We are privileged to be a trusted partner in Cisco’s ESS program, which strengthens our commitments to minimizing our environmental footprint and assisting our customers in achieving the same.
— Bob Bailkoski, Logicalis CEO

Logicalis is a valued ESS partner

Logicalis is an extremely valued partner in the ESS program, having achieved specializations in eight locations with plans to continue. As a managed service provider (MSP), Logicalis is in a unique position to help our mutual customers reduce their environmental impact while driving greater business efficiency. For instance, as an MSP focused on sustainability, Logicalis can empower customers to track the carbon impact of their technology stack and help transition customers to using more energy-efficient infrastructure by assisting with:

  • Reduction of the customer’s own data center footprint
  • Recommendations on how to extend the life of existing assets used by the business, wherever feasible
  • Sustainable disposition of end-of-use assets–for example, in accordance with participation in the ESS program

More to come with ESS

In the spirit of we continue to need to do more, Cisco is enhancing the ESS program. For example, we plan to add access to more telemetry data in our products so our customers and partners will have access to more data about asset state, providing insights into how to further reduce equipment power consumption. Stay tuned!

Now is the time to make tremendous change

As we evolve further into a circular economy — transitioning from a linear approach in which products are bought, used, and then thrown away to one in which we reuse our natural resources — Cisco and Logicalis are working hard together to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals, prepare for evolving regulations, and transform their businesses, all in the spirit of improving our planet.


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Pete Poag

Senior Partner Account Executive

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