I hope you were able to tune-in last week to our first ever, completely digital Cisco Live Digital Event & Customer Experience (CX): Let’s Go sessions. We hope you, our valued partners, “expanded your edge” and discovered how strong our commitment is to your success and your ability to drive success for your customers.  

We’re excited to build on the Cisco Live momentum and continue to extend the CX partner experience. Take a moment to:  

  • Join me and Julia Chen on Tuesday, July 14th for the “CX Partner Let’s Go” monthly executive interactive webinar. We’ll answer your questions and showcase the latest on how we’re supporting your ability to profitably help customers realize the value of their technology solutions. This is the first of a new, ongoing, interactive series for partner executives and Cisco CX-Partner executives to join together in conversation on things that matter most to you. We encourage everyone to register today.
  • Download the CX Partner Guide, which highlights key content, including our dedicated partner session available on-demand at cxletsgo.cisco.com –“Expanding Your Edge with CX” with Julia Chen, Thimaya Subaiya and myself. In this session, we addressed how partners can accelerate outcomes with the lifecycle experience, how selling is easier with CX Success Portfolio, the untapped opportunities with simplified renewals, and how partners can modernize and monetize their business with Cisco.  
  • Find out more about our Business Critical Services (BCS) 3.0 update, including exciting new incentives, on the Partner Hub on SalesConnect. Eligible partners can now quote and order BCS tiers directly in Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW). Also available is a new Premium tier and Add-On services for large enterprises and service providers for resale in the United States and Canada.  
  • Visit SuccessHub with enhanced resources partners can leverage to build or accelerate a sustainable customer success practice to drive higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, recurring revenue, and expanded service opportunities. 

Thank you for participating in our Cisco Live Digital Event & CX: Let’s Go sessions and activities. We look forward to your continued engagement as we build the future of CX together. 



Denny Trevett

Vice President

Partner Model, Customer Experience