Co-authored by John Growdon

Digital transformation. You’ve heard us talk about this a lot, and for good reason. It’s swiftly changing how organizations globally must do business. For businesses to keep pace, they need access to the right technologies that will keep up with increasing digital demand, while enhancing overall operating efficiencies and driving better customer and workforce experiences.

Security and the network are two critical components in digital transformation. With cyberattacks and data breaches on the rise, enterprises need to build their defenses on the foundation of a secure network. That’s why today, at Cisco Live in Las Vegas, we announced the latest enhancements to our digital-ready network, Cisco DNA, and our robust security portfolio. These new additions are designed to help customers’ continue their digital transformation journey. For you – our partners –  the opportunity is massive, and the value that you provide to customers is rising. Here are more details on today’s news:

Cisco DNA

Cisco DNA is digitally-driven. It is smarter, nimbler, and more intuitive than traditional networks.  For partners, the new enhancements bolster the security capabilities of Cisco DNA and expand your ability to introduce an architectural approach, led by security. They also help you create new monetization opportunities through software and recurring revenue models driven by Cisco ONE, and target new lines of business. Our skills-focused certifications and incentive opportunities help to enable you to build software-centric, digital-savvy networks for customers.

As our channel partners evolve to software-driven networks, Cisco DNA will support you in the development of new networking practices, skill sets and open up new business opportunities around automation, analytics and security. To date, Cisco DNA has been so popular with customers that within only a few months from the original launch, we have already witnessed accelerated adoption of the technology with sales to over 11,000 customers.

New Cisco Security Updates

We take security very seriously. Our customers are seeing more threats across their networks than ever before. Security can be complex, but we’re here to make it simpler. The new solutions and services announced today combine simplicity, cloud management and technology integrations designed to help distributed and mobile businesses deploy effective security across the organization, from the branch office to headquarters and to end users wherever they go.

What does this mean for partners? The new security offerings will help you design simple, open and automated solutions for your customers tapping into Cisco’s broad security portfolio. With enhanced cloud-based protection and solutions that simplify overall security management, Cisco is opening up new service opportunities for partners to manage customers’ security services and tap into recurring revenues. Ultimately, with Cisco’s feature-rich portfolio, the cross-architecture opportunities enabled by strong network and data center integration, and wrapping consulting and professional services around security, you can differentiate yourself and win more business.

Learn what’s new with security, why it’s Cisco’s #1 priority, and how we can develop, sell and deliver together. www.cisco.com/go/security


Jason W. Gallo

VP of Partner Go-to-Market Acceleration

Global Partner and Routes to Market Sales