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Enterprise Networking: A Year in Review

December 14, 2016 - 16 Comments

2016 has been an exciting and eventful year for us at the enterprise networking team in Cisco. The year saw us make some rapid strides with innovation and product development all while being hundred percent customer focused. We delivered on our promise to create the best enterprise networking architecture for our customers. There are several milestones that stand out as I look back at the year.

From a stupendous launch for DNA, the launch of the enabling underlying single unified software stack Polaris, CMX Cloud and IWAN, the team displayed immense passion and a winning desire to continuously innovate. We are still soaking up and working towards the successful launch of our partnership with Apple. Likewise, our acquisition of Lancope provides a heightened level of network visibility, a key pillar to Cisco’s networking and security strategy.

1057701--Enterprise-Milestones-Infographic_o-01_011057701--Enterprise-Milestones-Infographic_o-01_02 1057701--Enterprise-Milestones-Infographic_o-01_03 1057701--Enterprise-Milestones-Infographic_o-01_04 1057701--Enterprise-Milestones-Infographic_o-01_05 1057701--Enterprise-Milestones-Infographic_o-01_06 1057701--Enterprise-Milestones-Infographic_o-01_07 1057701--Enterprise-Milestones-Infographic_o-01_08 1057701--Enterprise-Milestones-Infographic_o-01_09 1057701--Enterprise-Milestones-Infographic_o-01_10 1057701--Enterprise-Milestones-Infographic_o-01_11 1057701--Enterprise-Milestones-Infographic_o-01_12 1057701--Enterprise-Milestones-Infographic_o-01_13The year was also special, for me personally, thanks in no small part to highlights like TieCon 2016 and the Global Big Data conference, our work on Inclusion and Collaboration and cultivating my social presence. These events shaped me and I owe tremendous gratitude to Cisco, my mentors and managers and my team of rock stars.

As any of you who follow me on social media know, my family is very important to me. In the same way, as a leader, my enterprise engineering family is important to me. Watching each one of you contribute to this great machine that we are a part of has been a privilege and a treat. It is because of this that I can confidently say that although 2016 has been an excellent year, I fully expect 2017 to be even better. I have a team full of people who are dedicated to and passionate about what they do. The future, truly, is ours.


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  1. sohbet

  2. Excellent summary and great progress! looking forward to 2017

  3. Congrats Anand and the ENG team! Great leadership!! The amazing part is the innovation engine running at full throttle when the industry needs it the most.

  4. You had a great 2016! Here’s to an even better 2017 to you & your team, Anand!

  5. Nice summary Anand of ENG accomplishments over the last year.
    Happy Holidays to all ENG family.


  6. Anand congratulations and this a great blog.

  7. Very nicely captured summary of the year Anand. It was a great year @ ENG but as you mentioned 2017 looks even better and exciting. Thanks for all the leadership.

  8. Wonderful capture, great achievements, simple and strong thoughts, true entrepreneur, and a large family! Keep it Anand, proud of you!

  9. Fantastic Blog and Great Accomplishments ENG Team ! Looking forward for an exciting 2017 ahead.

  10. All the important 2016 milestones and achievements well captured….looking forward to an eventful and successful 2017 for the entire ENG team!!!!

  11. Awesome blog Anand. Couldn’t agree more with you about the significant progress we’ve made as a team under your leadership in 2016, and the unlimited opportunities that are ahead of us in 2017.

  12. Every month was so eventful. What an awesome leadership Anand in delivering the complex product portfolio.

  13. Great blog Anand! Here’s to a great 2017!

  14. Agree – FANTASTIC year with momentum in the SD-WAN space where we are clearly improving quality with every release and DNA is setting a whole new Thought Process for customers to design, build, manage and assure the networks of today

  15. Anand, Awesome Blog. ENG team had a wonderful year under your leadership. When we look back, there are so many innovative initiatives that were kicked off in 2016 and steering the Industry. lets continue the journey in to 2017 with the same speed and passion. Happy holidays and enjoy the break!

  16. Anand, you and ENG team @Cisco had a great and eventful year. The blog captures various events/launches very nicely. Looking forward to great start to 2017 and similar eventful and successful new year