If you have a Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) in your branch – which most companies do – you won’t want to miss the April 23rdwebinar on hidden capabilities of the ISR.

These routers are the Swiss army knife of networking, and come loaded with so many features that it is almost impossible to know all of them. I cannot count the number of times I found myself saying “wow, I didn’t even know that the ISR can do that.” This is because IOS is a very mature operating system with about 30 years of customer experience and feature enhancements. I don’t think that there is any other company in the world that can say that they have 30 years of customer experience in this field.

Routing has evolved tremendously over those years. We’ve moved from access routing to full integrated services to an all-in-one converged branch solution. Our leadership in this space was recognized just two weeks ago, when a new Cisco routing solution won the Best of Interop for Networking.

Cisco ISR Blog 041614There are countless features in the ISR that are important for your business – for example Performance Routing (PfR); it enables cost savings and enhances branch customer experience if used correctly. Offloading traffic from those expensive MPLS lines is crucial for WAN resource utilization, your internet applications will route to the direct internet line while your corporate application will route to the MPLS line. Doing so will reduce the latency and complexity to your internet applications (salesforce.com, office 365, Google docs….) and will clear up bandwidth off your expensive MPLS line. Everything is happening at the app layer and it is all automatically once after initial setup.

However, many IT professionals don’t know enough about these many ISR features to feel comfortable turning them on. In my mind, this is really a waste of an opportunity. Think of your shiny new car with that button that you don’t know what it does. Would you be able to drive it and ignore that button or do you need to find out what it does? If you think about it, you’ve already paid for these features when you bought the ISR. You need to learn about them, so you can get the full value out of your branch platform.

So this upcoming webinar is for you—the IT professionals that need to deliver measurable business results and support these trends as they become the expectation of your business leaders like BYOD, guest Wi-Fi, and SaaS applications that the business leaders are adding to your network. During the session you will learn about the technical benefits of features like Performance Routing (PfR), Network Automation, IPSLA, onePK, AVC, QoS, WAAS, and more!

If you don’t know what these acronyms are or you don’t use them on your ISRs, then you cannot afford to miss this webinar. Learn more and register today


Ido Glazer

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