If you haven’t heard yet, Cisco recently released a new Catalyst access point, the Catalyst 9105 AP. It’s a revolutionary product that is a solution for small to medium-sized organizations. The sleek Cisco Catalyst 9105 Access Points provide Cisco cutting-edge features at a lower price point. The access points support the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard and offer two distinct mounting options (ceiling and wall) allowing for optimal organizational flexibility.

You could read more about the new Catalyst 9105, or you could click here and download the latest Cisco Insiders podcast to listen to yours truly—a wireless Product Marketing Manager here at Cisco—along with my colleague, Switching Product Marketing Manager Leslie Van Zee talk with Cisco Wireless Product Management Manager—and Wi-Fi 6 expert—Cristian Raducanu.

If you listened to our Wi-Fi 6 podcast from July, you’ll know that Cristian is eloquent and extremely knowledgeable about all things Wi-Fi 6 and adding Leslie to the mix only upped the level of conversation.

Without giving away too much, the three of us spent about 30 minutes discussing the latest Cisco product but we did more than just scratch the surface. We dove beyond the data sheets, beyond the web page and beyond the At-a-Glances to get to the heart of what makes the Catalyst 9105 Access Points so special and so unique to the Catalyst 9100 family. Sure, part of what makes these new APs so interesting is that they’re available in two different mounting options, but it’s more than just that.

Cristian provides a glimpse behind the curtain and discusses the thought processes of why Cisco engineers designed the access point the way they did, some tips and tricks outside of the Data Sheet as to what the AP can really do, and how the Catalyst 9105 can aid a work-from-home solution.

With this pandemic still keeping a lot of people home, we know that you probably won’t be downloading this to listen to on the way to work, but there are still other places where you could listen to our dulcet tones while you learn a bit more about the direction that wireless is moving in.

Don’t delay … download today!

For more detail, see our Cisco Catalyst 9105AX Series Access Points data sheet.

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Byron Magrane

Product Manager, Marketing