Holidays are here. It is time to take a pause from work for travels and family celebrations. But hackers are not taking a rest. Just recently, a major hotel chain reported that it suffered a security breach related to customer credit and debit card payments.

The hospitality industry is certainly not the only victim of data breaches.  A recent report on Protected Health Information (PHI) data breach suggests that many industries (not just the healthcare industry alone) have experienced a PHI data breach – in fact 90% of them.

The industrialization of hacking has generated increasingly sophisticated and discrete cyberattacks for financial or political gain. No organizations today are immune from these nonstop attacks. So what can you do to help protect your organization?

Defense in depth is a proven information security strategy. Your layered defense includes all the security components you have already deployed such as firewalls, IPS, and advanced malware protection. But, have you utilized one of the strongest tools that you already have? It is the network itself.

Your Cisco network includes Catalyst and Nexus switches, integrated services routers (ISRs), aggregation services routers (ASRs), wireless products, and UCS systems. These network solutions can add another layer of security protection for you throughout the attack continuum, before, during and after an attack.


Here’s how your network can give you the added security benefits:
– Gain deep and broad visibility into unknown devices, unusual traffic patterns, and unexpected behavior, with Cisco IOS NetFlow and Lancope SteathWatch. So your network can now detect the undetected, proactively.
– Contain an attack with Cisco TrustSec by enforcing network segmentation and user access control. So even when attackers get in, their access is limited to only one segment of the network.

Need to learn more on how to deploy these network security solutions? Cisco is hosting a live webcast on Wednesday December 15, 2015 to discuss how to use your network as a sensor and enforcer for improved security. Cisco Product Manager Aaron Rohyans and Technical Marketing Engineer Hariprasad Holla will share their hands-on knowledge with you. And they will show live demos on how the solutions work.

Take a quick break this holiday season to learn how to improve your network security. Join us on the live webcast and sign up for the event today!



Steven Song

Business Manager