There are things in life that just go better together. Salt and pepper. Fish and chips. Chili and cheese. Another perfect pairing, if you’re hungry for tech training, is the combination of Cisco U. and the Cisco Validated Framework (CVF).

The Cisco Validated Framework is the next step in enhancing the value of the Cisco brand. Our mission is to ensure trusted solution experiences by delivering technical solution clarity, just-in-time design and deployment documentation, and customer-centric validation outputs for Cisco’s featured solutions. You can find all CVF discussion forums, knowledge articles, webinars, training, and labs on the Cisco Learning Network (CLN). We are excited to be a part of the CLN learning community. And now, being part of CLN also means being part of Cisco U.

The power-pairing of Cisco U. and CVF: tutorials and communities

You can learn on your own schedule with CVF tutorials on Cisco U.

Cisco U. is a new digital learning experience with personalized guidance, community connections, and an in-depth content catalog. And I must say the content is great. It’s created by industry experts and vetted by Cisco’s technical team to ensure everything is accurate, relevant, and up to date.

Because I support evaluation of Cisco-featured solutions that include multi-vendor capabilities, my favorite thing about Cisco U. is how it includes Cisco and Cisco-adjacent technologies like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, and other skills that go into supporting a multi-vendor stack.

You’ll find some of that Cisco-adjacent CVF content in three new Cisco U. tutorials I created. Cisco U. tutorials are concise, step-by-step guides to learning a new skill or completing a task. They’re short by design, typically no longer than forty-five minutes, so you can absorb them in one sitting. Despite their brevity, tutorials are packed with valuable information that can help you stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in your technology areas. Best of all, they’re included in the Cisco U. Free subscription level.

Expand your knowledge with my latest CVF contributions to Cisco U.

Here are my recent CVF contributions to Cisco U. Tutorials, designed to complement CVF community content on CLN.

Virtual Nexus Dashboard AWS Installation

Simplify and optimize your network operations in the AWS ecosystem with the Virtual Nexus Dashboard. You’ll learn:

  • How to deploy a vND cluster into AWS
  • How to build the Nexus Dashboard cluster
  • How to validate that your cluster is successfully up and running

Cisco Cloud Network Controller Install: Azure

Navigate the complexities of multi-cloud networking easily with the Cisco Cloud Network Controller (CNC). This tutorial focuses on installing and configuring CNC for Microsoft Azure environments. You’ll learn:

  • An introduction to Cisco CNC and its primary features
  • Creating the necessary Azure policies to support CNC deployment
  • How to deploy CNC
  • Subscribing to the Cisco Cloud Services Router 1000V or Catalyst 8000V

OpenShift Deployment in AWS

Containerization revolutionizes application management, and OpenShift, an enterprise container platform, is at the forefront of this revolution. You’ll learn:

  • How to deploy Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) into AWS
  • How to configure an OpenShift cluster using the IPI installer method
  • How to validate that your OpenShift cluster is successfully up and running

New content rolls out on Cisco U. all the time. Hint: watch for my upcoming tutorial on AppDynamics auto-instrumentation via Helm!

Connect with the Cisco Validated Framework Team via the Cisco Learning Network

A screenshot of the Cisco U. My Communities page
CVF communities that you follow appear on your Cisco U. My Communities page

You can also connect with the CVF team through discussion forums on CLN. And now you can access these forums directly from Cisco U. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the CVF page on CLN and select a solution such as Secure SD-WAN / SASE (Catalyst).
  2. In the Engage and Connect section, select the icon for the discussion topic you’d like to follow, such as Secure Automated WAN, then click the Follow button.
  3. Go to your Cisco U. My Community page, et voilà! There’s the Secure Automated WAN community.

Cisco U. and CVF empower your digital transformation

See what I mean? Cisco U. and CVF go together like wine and cheese, coffee and cream, and chocolate and peanut butter. I could not be more excited to collaborate with the Cisco U. team to bring you the best of CVF and Cisco U.

With CVF tutorials on Cisco U., you gain a competitive advantage by giving your IT team the skills and knowledge they need to deploy and manage key components of trusted CVF solutions with confidence.

Visit the Cisco Validated Framework Communities on the Cisco Learning Network to learn more now.

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Alec Chamberlain

Cisco Validated Lead Architect - Hybrid Cloud and FSO

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