Alec Chamberlain

Cisco Validated Lead Architect - Hybrid Cloud and FSO

Learning and Certifications

Which area(s) are you a subject matter expert in? Linux - ACI - Data Center - Kubernetes - Cloud - Openstack - Scripting - Day2Ops - Nexus Dashboard - VMware - What is your professional title and role? Technical Marketing Engineer - Technical Leader What makes you credible? Why should our readers trust you? I make it my mission to provide direct, concise, and digestible content. I have done this across multiple Cisco organizations starting in TAC, then CX, and finally in Cisco Solutions Marketing. During that time, I left many learning artifacts for internal engineers, partners, and customers to consume. Check out my LinkedIn page for more of that content. Is there a publication, specific work, project, product, or team you associate yourself with? Cisco Validated Framework - https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/cisco-validated-framework.html What are you passionate about? Opensource Linux Technologies, specifically OpenStack, Cloud, and Containers.


July 26, 2023


Trusted Training for Trusted Solutions:
Cisco Validated Framework Tutorials on Cisco U.

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Explore Cisco Validated Framework (CVF) tutorials on Cisco U. for expert guidance in deploying trusted solutions. Gain insights and best practices for AWS, Azure, and OpenShift deployments. Join CVF communities on Cisco Learning Network and create your free Cisco U. account today.