Extending connectivity to remote sites can be challenging, especially when connectivity requirements differ depending on location and use case. As organizations are automating and establishing remote operations, Cisco is expanding the capabilities of the Catalyst IR1100 Rugged Series Router to meet the connectivity requirements of businesses wherever they operate.

At Mobile World Congress in February of 2023, we announced two pluggable interface modules (PIM) for the Cisco Catalyst IR1100 Rugged Series Routers: one for long-range wide-area network (LoRaWAN) connectivity and one for 450MHz private LTE connectivity.

A modular router to meet your connectivity needs

Wireless networking technologies are constantly evolving. The Cisco Catalyst IR1101 is a modular router that supports a variety of backhaul technologies to meet your exact needs: Ethernet and xDSL as well as many different 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G radio bands and categories. Pluggable modules can be easily swapped to adapt to changes and avoid costly rip-and-replace upgrades, especially as 2G and 3G services are being sunset. The Cisco Catalyst IR1101 can be expanded to host a second wireless cellular module and more Ethernet and serial ports, as well as general purpose input/output (GPIO) and data storage to handle the most advanced use cases.

Long-range, low-power connectivity with the Cisco PIM for LoRaWAN

Customers have asked us to connect their battery-powered LoRaWAN sensors to their networks—and we are delivering with the new LoRaWAN module. The module enables the Cisco Catalyst IR1100 Rugged Series Router to be a LoRaWAN gateway—delivering LoRaWAN connectivity to industrial IoT sensors that typically require low bandwidth, operate on battery, and can be deployed in difficult-to-reach locations.

Unlike many other LoRaWAN connectivity solutions, the new module in the Catalyst IR1101 can fit in space-constrained and distributed industrial environments, giving customers the flexibility and scale to install in the locations that are best for them.

Furthermore, using the Catalyst IR1101 with two modules allows for an integrated LoRaWAN gateway with 4G/5G backhaul capabilities in a single router that’s easy to deploy in tight spaces.

“LoRaWAN plays a key role in the wireless ecosystem. It’s important for organizations that are considering using wireless technologies in their operations to evaluate all multi-RAN standards, whether LoRaWAN, 5G, Wi-Fi 6, etc., to address each use case with the right single- or multi-technology solution. Cisco is enabling just that by bringing LoRaWAN capabilities to its industrial router, enhancing an already flexible, scalable, and secure solution to meet a variety of wireless needs.”

Donna Moore, CEO LoRa Alliance


Provide connectivity to your critical infrastructure with the PIM for 450MHz LTE

The 450MHz LTE module allows the Catalyst IR1101 to provide connectivity for mission-critical government use cases, including critical infrastructure and public safety. Connect devices such as industrial control systems and physical security equipment over a private LTE network using the 450MHz band. Public protection and disaster recovery (PPDR) regulations in Germany, Scandinavia, and parts of Africa allow critical industries to reserve the 450MHz band in their areas to deploy private LTE networks, replacing legacy public safety voice networks with technology capable of data transmission. The 450MHz band provides high resiliency and deep indoor signal penetration to connect the Catalyst IR1101 anywhere onsite.

Easily manage your infrastructure with IoT Operations Dashboard

Easily connect, maintain, and manage network devices and industrial assets with Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard. The cloud-based IoT services platform enables easy deployment of the Catalyst IR1101 at scale, supporting wired or wireless backhaul connectivity. IoT Operations Dashboard is designed for industrial use cases: Its Secure Equipment Access service enables operations teams to easily manage connected assets remotely to minimize site visits and maximize uptime. Its Cyber Vision service provides deep visibility into assets, so that you can better manage resources, limit exposure to cyberthreats, and drive cybersecurity best practices.

A valuable investment for today’s industrial applications

Cisco offers a comprehensive industrial IoT portfolio to help customers meet their unique connectivity requirements. It combines modular routers supporting a wide range of private and public cellular and other wireless technologies; a cloud platform designed to easily deploy, secure, and manage distributed industrial networks; secure remote access capabilities to remotely configure and maintain assets; and more. Our integrated approach brings the power of IT to the industrial edge so that operations teams can achieve more.


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Emily Kasman

Product Marketing Specialist