Listening and learning from our customers are some of the best parts of my day. What I’ve been hearing consistently is a sharp focus on business agility, global competitiveness, and workforce flexibility. To adapt, customers are digitizing all aspects of their business, including their industrial spaces, to overcome supply chain disruptions, accelerate automation and transition to hybrid work. But, connecting these industrial spaces and managing networks with the security, scale and performance they need is a huge challenge. For that reason, I am pleased to announce today that Cisco is extending our Catalyst 9000 Series into the industrial space with our new Catalyst Industrial Ethernet 9300 switch.

Cisco combines the best of IT and OT to deliver industrial IoT success

Here at Cisco IoT, we’ve been leading the charge to bring enterprise IT capabilities to the operational space. Operational networks are often less secure, unsegmented, and manually managed with fewer capabilities to proactivity resolve issues. Rapid growth in industrial IoT demands a new type of network with enterprise-grade security, automation, and performance combined with industrial features to meet compliance and use case requirements. And that is what Cisco is bringing to the table across our entire Industrial Networking portfolio with our newest industrial switch.

For our customers, that translates into real business value like:

  • Innovation and competitiveness. From the utility grid to roadways to high-speed rail and beyond, IoT is in critical areas of business where critical services are delivered, revenue is generated, and innovation has never been more important. The network is critical to deliver the reliable and secure infrastructure that will grow and adapt as the business evolves. Only Cisco provides the performance, visibility, reliability, and security needed in this space at scale. With the Catalyst IE9300, our customers can now bring enterprise-grade networking to industrial environments with purpose-built products ready for mission critical work.
  • Resiliency and security. With our new switch, customers can now deliver enterprise-grade security to their industrial spaces for deep visibility, segmentation, risk assessment, and zero trust. Take a second to let that really sink in. Today, many industrial organizations have a high-risk profile with environments that are decades old and with little visibility into what is on their network and their communications patterns. With our new capabilities, they can quickly leverage their network to improve their security posture and decrease the risk profile for their business.
  • Smarter IT workforce management. Facing skilled employee shortages, our customers are looking for new ways to leverage existing skills and investments. Our Catalyst industrial network portfolio is based on the Cisco IOS-XE Operating System, managed by Cisco DNA Center, and secured by Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). The same Cisco that you know and trust now ready for your teams to extend into the industrial space without having to get another CCIE!

The broadest set of networking capabilities in one industrial switch

We’ve packed the best of IT and OT into our new Catalyst Industrial Ethernet 9300 purpose built for industrial spaces. While the number of features is too many to count, here are three of my favorites:

  • All the power of the industry-leading Catalyst 9000 now for the industrial network. This is the first industrial switch to integrate the groundbreaking programmable Unified Access Data Plane (UADP) ASIC of our Catalyst 9000, bringing the same performance, visibility, and security to the industrial space. Now you can leverage the capabilities of market leading Catalyst 9000 across your entire enterprise using the same tools and skillsets – no training required!
  • 8x the density and easier to manage. This is the first industrial switch to support true backplane stacking, creating a reliability and simplicity factor not found in industrial networks today. Stack up to 8 switches and manage them as one — just like your enterprise network.
  • Unprecedented security and visibility. The Catalyst IE9300 embeds Cisco Cyber Vision sensor and works with Cisco Endpoint Analytics to bring visibility into industrial control systems and connected endpoints. Plus, with dynamic network segmentation, OT and IT teams can leverage the visibility gained via Cisco Cyber Vision to enforce security policies to bring zero-trust security to industrial spaces.

The result of all these features? Next level visibility, security, and scale that creates the foundation for the industrial network for years to come.

The best of everything you know AND new places to take it all

All these new capabilities are designed to take the best of IT into operational settings to make businesses more secure and resilient, as well as accelerate digitization and automation. Here are just a few industries where our new Catalyst switch can deliver results.

Power Utilities: As the world accelerates towards a renewable energy future, utilities need to handle more sustainable, distributed, and variable energy sources. Utilities are addressing cyber security risks and modernizing substation infrastructure by embracing new networking and security standards. Catalyst IE9300 is compliant with these standards and purpose-built for harsh outdoor environments, making it an ideal foundation for the next-generation substation architecture.

Roadways & Tunnels: Highway agencies are also modernizing to improve safety and traffic flow. Toll plazas are being automated using sensors, video cameras, license plate readers, digital signage, and more. Catalyst IE9300 aggregates traffic from multiple access switches, segments networks from multiple agencies for data protection, and transports traffic over long distances without the need for amplification via its fiber interfaces.

Oil & Gas: Similarly, oil and gas pipelines stretch over long distances across remote locations. With sensors along the pipeline to detect problems, IoT systems in intermediate pumping stations need robust connectivity. Fiber transport made possible by Catalyst IE9300 helps operators to ensure safety and security of their pipeline distribution systems.

Railways: Proper maintenance of tracks, level crossings, signaling, and overhead power lines are vital to efficient functioning and public safety of the critical railway infrastructure. Railroad operators are digitizing these functions and investing in automated systems. Catalyst IE9300 aggregates traffic from trackside sensors and IoT systems and connects them to control centers to enable remote monitoring and maintenance.


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Vikas Butaney

SVP / GM, Cisco Networking

SD-WAN, Multicloud, and Industrial IoT