Goodbye, 2018.  For the healthcare industry, it was another bumpy ride, and U.S. policy is STILL anything but settled.

But politics aside, digital transformation in healthcare hasn’t slowed down. To the contrary, it’s picking up steam!

Just like last year, we decided to take a look back at our most-viewed blog posts of the year to see what captured hearts (and clicks) among the healthcare audience in 2018. If you missed these posts the first time—or even if you didn’t—go back and give ’em a second look!

We’ll start with number five and work our way up.

https://alln-extcloud-storage.cisco.com/Cisco_Blogs:ciscoblogs/5a3830d2cbe07.pngA new way to stop employee data breaches

Traditional networks operate on the idea that a user inside the network is “safe” and can be trusted. But that’s not necessarily the case–in fact, healthcare has the highest rate of insider data breaches compared to other industries. A new data center model, called “zero-trust,” assumes that no part of a network is safer than any other. In zero-trust, you create “whitelists” that allow you to identify specific characteristics of users and devices allowed to access applications and data. Hmmm… do you see any uses for that in healthcare?

Read this blog to find out more.

https://alln-extcloud-storage.cisco.com/Cisco_Blogs:ciscoblogs/5a382f102b752.png“Big tech” gains more foothold in healthcare

Big technology companies are clamoring to get into healthcare. No wonder: The industry has many challenges ready to be solved with technology. But tech plus healthcare doesn’t automatically equal success. Experience counts, too.

Cisco knows networking better than anyone. But did you know that we also know healthcare—really well? This blog takes you to an interactive infographic that lays out six reasons healthcare organizations rely on us for their Health IT needs.

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https://alln-extcloud-storage.cisco.com/Cisco_Blogs:ciscoblogs/5a382d95ece33.pngWe can no longer tolerate slow networks at work 

Working in healthcare isn’t easy. One way to reduce friction and make your employees happier? Install a network that can handle the demands of a modern workflow. Our number three blog takes you deeper into the various roles in a healthcare organization and why each one cares about the infrastructure that underpins their everyday work.

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https://alln-extcloud-storage.cisco.com/Cisco_Blogs:ciscoblogs/5a382ca1e15e1.pngCybersecurity? Help!

Cybersecurity is (still) the one topic guaranteed to give any healthcare professional heartburn. While we didn’t have a repeat of 2017’s WannaCry this year (thank goodness), protection of health data in an ever-connected world continues to prove a challenge. The second-most-read blog this year featured a guest column by healthcare cybersecurity expert Keith Rabbin. In his signature, no-nonsense style, he lays out the most egregious security mistakes he sees on a regular basis, including how to mitigate them.

Get Keith’s tips.

https://alln-extcloud-storage.cisco.com/Cisco_Blogs:ciscoblogs/5a382d0766d5d.pngThe thought of medical device hacking still takes our breath away

Number one, for the second year in a row, is the topic of medical device security. Ever since that one episode of Homeland, we’ve been equal parts fascinated and horrified by the idea of a hacker breaching a sensitive medical device. The threat is real— but you shouldn’t be scared. You should prepare. This blog post offers three practical ways you can do just that.

Read: Cybersecurity in the age of medical devices.

Thanks for letting us come along on your healthcare journey this year. Here’s to a healthy, prosperous 2019! And hey—if you’re going to HIMSS in February, be sure to come see us!


Amy Young

Marketing Manager