Whether you’re a clinician or an executive, the healthcare workforce experience can be equal parts rewarding and challenging. There are changing regulations. A never-ending stream of patients with time-sensitive needs. The pressure to increase revenue and provide differentiated services. And, of course, the satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re making a real difference in the health of your community.

It’s in the best interest of every healthcare organization to make the working experience as positive as it can be — for employee retention as well as quality of care. Sure, small perks can help make the experience a little bit better. But if you’re looking for something big and impactful, it might be time to consider your network. Is it outdated and slow, or modern and intuitive?

See how the network affects every role from the CIO to the HR Leader— in some ways that might surprise you— in our new infographic, Making Healthcare Work Better. Check it out below!


Amy Young

Marketing Manager