Are you old enough to remember professional work life before the internet? If so, you know that way the world works has changed significantly – and will continue to do so for years to come. And yes, that includes healthcare. Although the industry has a reputation for lagging in innovation, more and more healthcare organizations are starting to embrace the digital revolution to improve operations, retain clinicians, and satisfy patients. To prove it, here are three examples of healthcare facilities taking the lead on workflow transformation – and reaping the rewards.

Fighting cancer with better video collaboration

To fight one of humanity’s worst diseases, researchers and clinicians at Moffitt Cancer Center need to be able to meet quickly and seamlessly. Today, that often means video conferencing. But doing it right requires more than just a camera and an internet connection. Read Moffitt’s story to find out how they found a simpler way to connect doctors and affiliates, all around the world.

Read Face to Face: Fighting cancer with better video collaboration

Bridging the digital divide, one patient at a time

Virtua Health, one of the largest healthcare systems in New Jersey, takes a holistic view of medicine, from preventative care to follow-up. And to support their goals, they needed a more advanced alternative to their legacy telephony system. Read Virtua’s story to find out how they implemented a more secure, easier method for accessing patient information and communicating with the right person at the right time. Now, things are easier and more efficient for their employees and patients.Read: Bridging the digital divide, one patient at a time

Bringing workers closer together

At Mercy Virtual Care Center in Missouri, their 200+ separate PBX systems were unreliable, difficult to manage, and costly to maintain. At the same time, staff frustrations were building due to inefficient tools and services. Those days are in the past now, thanks to a unified suite of communications. Watch the videos to see how Mercy transformed their workplace – and helped patients along the way.

Better collaboration makes the difference, in healthcare and in every other type of business around the globe. See more real-life collaboration stories here.


Amy Young

Marketing Manager