It Takes a Village:

Stories of public safety threats and humanitarian crises dominate news cycles, ever present and continuously increasing in complexity. How do we respond, how do we ensure that our collective human story is a happier, safer one? After all, feelings of basic safety and personal security are essential to the core of day-to-day life in communities around the world.


As discussed at large recently, digital transformation in cities and communities must focus beyond the technology. Safe first responders, residents, tourists, and physical infrastructure depend on the collaborative efforts of law enforcement and national security organizations to manage today’s growing challenges. However, let us also think of the massive opportunity that improving and innovative technologies play in ensuring that people are safer and more secure. From routine occurrences to unexpected public emergencies, we need to be able to trust that our information and communications systems are reliable, secure, and available.

Success Stories:

Massive population shifts, geopolitical conflicts, environmental threats, and economic burdens are all driving the evolution of our community spaces. Change is also being driven by other factors such as digital technology innovations. Technology has and will continue to change the world we live in. We’re online, in some form or another, all day long. Our phones and computers have become reflections of our personalities, our interests, and our identities. So how do we exploit this new digital appendage for the good of all humankind?

Each year, Cisco partners with the International Association of Chiefs of Police to give special recognition to those organizations passionately dedicated to building positive partnerships within their communities. Last year, Singapore Police Force won the award for innovative technology strategies in community policing efforts and homeland security initiatives. This year’s submission pool is still open and winners will be announced at the annual conference in October in San Diego. Perhaps the winner will be you? Get your submissions in today!


At the heart of the public safety digitization agenda, network security is a major priority. In partnering with French leadership, a recent Cisco and Thales coalition is a prime example of this with positive implications in France and beyond. They will co-develop an innovative cybersecurity solution to better detect and counter cyber threats in real time. This new solution is based on the complementary nature of their technologies and their combined industry and thought leadership.

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Kacey Carpenter

Senior Manager

Global Government and Public Sector Marketing