The move to an all-online world has been expedited by the Covid-19 pandemic, and many companies have had to accelerate their timelines for digital transformation dramatically. The impact of the pandemic has been felt across every industry in a way that no-one could have predicted. For financial services, this meant unforeseen challenges and significant disruption. We suddenly shifted to an all-online world, and for many, this meant having to re-think how they do business. 

To keep pace, financial institutions have stepped up their digital transformation efforts, supported by a shift to multi-cloud environments and cloud-native architectures. In these complex, distributed environments, quickly and accurately identifying the source of issues remains a massive challenge. Financial services institutions require deeper visibility across their ever-expanding application landscapes — what we now call observability — to monitor not just their own front and back-end performance but also identify root causes outside the traditional tech stack.

The AppDynamics Business Observability platform gives you a powerful view into the performance of your entire stack—from the business analytics to the customer or employee-facing experiences, all the way down to the application and code to the lowest level network and infrastructure health. Empowered with the business lens, technologists can pinpoint the most critical data and contextualize IT performance insights with real-time business data, enabling them to prioritize actions, innovations, and investments based on the direct impact on the business. This enables them to be more strategic, to better prioritize what they respond to and how resources are deployed, while never losing sight of what’s most important—their business, customers, employees, and users.

FICO recently turned to AppDynamics and ThousandEyes to enhance the performance and resilience of personal and business credit management services. They were able to achieve unprecedented visibility into every application and service across the user journey.
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The AppDynamics Business Observability platform empowers technologists to observe what matters by applying a business lens to full-stack observability and IT performance, focusing on what matters most and delivering a world-class digital experience and true business value.

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Brandy Smith

Senior GTM Enablement Specialist