Get ready to TURN IT UP at our all-digital Cisco Live 2021. We’re excited for the creative experiences, impactful speakers, and thought-provoking sessions slated globally March 31st – April 1st. Join us for our engaging industry sessions across financial services and retail.

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The last year has brought change and innovation. Our thought leaders and subject matter experts are ready to share the latest trends and advancements shaking up their industries. All financial services and retail session are future focused; taking the lessons learned from 2020 and building toward a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Are you ready for the future of work? The workplace of the future became reality overnight. The imperative to connect in the most secure, flexible, and productive ways possible – from anywhere, at any time — is more critical than ever.  Hear how Cisco’s customers have responded and scaled quickly to meet ever-changing opportunities and challenges.

Customers are also needing to drive operational efficiencies in their security approach. The World Isn’t Getting Any Simpler, So How Can We Get More Effective At Staying Secure? Hear from a customer panel on their industry security challenges, how they are addressing them and how they are getting value from the Cisco Secure investments they’ve made. If you’re a leader trying to secure your business data amidst increasing complexity from too many disjointed solutions, this session focused on integrated security platforms is for you.

Financial Services

Consumers’ use of the range of financial channels available to them expanded significantly in 2020. Financial institutions are working diligently to capture the opportunity to deliver a better customer experience with greater convenience and operational efficiency. These efforts bring new challenges and questions around journey orchestration:

  • How can a financial services institution give their customers greater control in the buying journey?
  • What is the most efficient way to promote productivity and collaboration between newly remote employees?
  • What constitutes a next-generation bank branch and how can one be implemented?

Digital banking transformation is the number one priority for financial services institutions through 2021, and Cisco is ready to make that priority a reality. Join our session Financial Services Customer Journey Orchestration in a Digital World as Financial Services Business Development Manager, Al Slamecka, dives into today’s customer/employee environment.


Retailers work on razor-thin margins and are always looking for a competitive edge. Customer experience and operational efficiency have quickly become how retailers differentiate themselves in a crowded market. Gaining insight into the operations of the business can help retailers deliver a better customer experience and reduce operational costs. Cisco is working with the world’s largest retailers to monitor and analyze their networks, and the devices connected to their networks, to expand awareness of their operations. Gain Operational Insights in Retail by understanding the operational metrics that matter to retailers; how Cisco technologies can give retailers new and expanded insights into their network, applications and devices; and how that insight can equip retailers to make changes to enhance customer experiences and reduce operational costs.

The future of retail is here. From 2018 to 2023, IoT connection growth is expected to grow at 19% per year with the adoption of new IoT applications. Coming years will see increased adoption of Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL), which enables dynamic pricing updates. In this session, learn how to Automate Retail IT with Next-Generation Digital Tags by implementing ESL, managing ESL tags, delivering data from the price server, and design considerations to ensure a successful deployment.

There are so many amazing opportunities to learn, connect, and enjoy with Cisco Live 2021. For year-round thought leadership, check out our FSI and Retail Blog Series.


Brooke Raffetto

Global Industry Marketing Lead

Manufacturing and Energy