The Value of a Trained & Certified Employee

January 29, 2014 - 3 Comments

We recently commissioned a research initiative to explore the value of certifications in the workplace and to better understand the ways that Cisco training aids employers and employees. The study, which was conducted by an independent research firm, was designed to measure employer perceptions of highly valued individuals in their organizations.

The study focused on both employee performance as well as company performance metrics. Employees who were Cisco certified were found to have increased speed and effectiveness in completing network-related IT projects, resolving technical problems and an ability to come up to speed rapidly during onboarding. When employers were asked to quantify the impact a Cisco certified professional had on the company, results showed a decrease in network support costs and downtime as well as the ability to increase project load and customer satisfaction.

Key findings from the study include:

  • Seventy-eight percent of network managers in the survey rated their Cisco certified staff as coming up to speed more than 20 percent faster.
  • More than half of the networking managers in the survey rated external customer satisfaction as being 30 percent or better as a result of Cisco certified staff.
  • Network managers in the survey believed that Cisco certified employees reduce network downtime by as much as 37 percent on average.

The research demonstrates that employers place significant value on Cisco certifications and training, with almost three-quarters agreeing that their Cisco certified employees are more knowledgeable and more valuable than their noncertified employees. The study validates what we knew all along: certifications deliver value with a wide variety of benefits for both employers and employees.

Find the full white paper here:

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  2. There was a blog post by Ramesh Bijor posted on the Cisco Learning Network on Feb. 4th about this topic – “6 Reasons Employers Value Cisco Certifications” that provides some additional insights about the topic:

  3. One of the things I’ve always appreciated about many of Cisco’s certifications (and this was long before I joined the company) is the hands-on, practical nature of many of them. Being put in a lab with equipment and being told to fix it requires more than rote memorization skills but being able to apply your knowledge such as with the CCIE certification.