There’s no doubt that learning is changing. In the past, learning was constrained by time and place. We all might remember, fondly or not, the traditional classroom, static desks in rows, plumes of chalk dust permeating the air, and trips to the library on foot as a group. 

Now, lecture halls are emptying out, and in many classrooms across the country, students can become bored and disengaged. The very educational business model itself is forcing educational institutions to cut costs and find new revenue sources. 

Today, the Internet of Everything (IoE) is opening a new world of opportunities for faculty, staff, and students. Students are learning in new ways, in new places, and with new connections to resources around the globe.


Cisco Connected Learning is leading this new world of education with visionary technologies that make it possible for students and educators anywhere to do almost anything. From safe, instant communications to blended learning experiences, worldwide collaborations, and rich, online media experiences, we’re developing the visionary technologies today to create a better tomorrow.

From the network up, our solutions are building a world in which schools, colleges, and universities are fully connected, teachers are fully empowered, and students can learn without limits.

Stop by our Education Booth (1733e) at Cisco Live in San Diego to see our Cisco Connected Learning demos in action and to learn more about how Cisco is helping schools, colleges, and universities transform to digital learning environments and where the Internet of Everything is helping to improve learning outcomes. Follow me, @patton_renee, and @CiscoEdu for updates from Cisco Live (#CLUS), and stay tuned to the Cisco Education blog for more information.


Renee Patton

Former Global Director of Education and Healthcare

Global Industry Solutions Group