It’s been a few months since Cisco’s Empowered Women’s Network event at Cisco Live. What an amazing half-day of inspiration, networking and reflection. Not only did it challenge my thinking and energize my soul, but it also made me realize that sometimes you just need a reminder of what you already know.


As Ruba Borno stated at the beginning of the program, technology will be the greatest equalizer the world has ever known. We all are aware that the world is changing. Gender inequality exists and society needs more women to enter, study and remain in the STEM fields.

A non-STEM focused professional myself, I attended the session with co-workers, customers, partners and my summer intern, all of whom are passionate about how technology and our industries can transform our world. This session reminded me that, in order to be successful, we need diversity. We learned that, in the Internet of Women, we must Connect-Embrace-Lead. Everyone – regardless of gender, age, race, education, sexual preference, socio-economic background, religion or education can play a role. The trick is to recognize that with passion, drive, and a variety of perspectives, we can truly change the world. There is no single job description or ideal background that ensures success. Let’s encourage ambition, risk taking, passion and multiple perspectives.

There was one simple question from the conference that really resonated with me:

Are you living up to your full potential individually and collectively? If the answer is yes, then you should recognize that, “There has truly never been a better time than now to change the world.” #CEWN #NeverBetter

I feel so fortunate to have attended this amazing session and wanted to share my Top 10 Takeaways:

  1. Ask Questions. Be Curious. Laugh. Take Care of Yourself. @Patrice_DEramo
  2. All Choices aren’t permanent. Take the risk. Melissa McCoy
  3. Accept job descriptions as guidelines not rules. Be your own champion @rubaborno
  4. Don’t let one person’s assessment of you limit what you think you could be. @coopermarianne
  5. Culture is the hardest to change, but we can all lead within our own teams. We are all accountable. No excuses. @channelsmart
  6. Stop being your own worst critic. @CEWN
  7. Take time to invest in others even when not in your best interest. @rubaborno
  8. Inclusion is leadership in itself. @channelsmart
  9. It takes persistence and courage. @moniquejmorrow
  10. Title doesn’t define who you are. We are giants of tomorrow and the time is now @shr_plus_ha


Alison Quispe

Director of Marketing

Americas Service Provider Field Marketing