From baby boomers to generation X to digital generation of the twenty-first century, it is more important to find similarities in people expectations and experiences than to focus on the differences.  We all want respect, peace, love, lightness, happiness and joy. And it is not hard to get these things if we follow simple principles.

If I give respect to you, at some point cause and effect, action and reaction is such that respect will be returned. No matter what you have done, if I have continually shown respect, off course balance has to change and respect comes back to me also. Energy is continuously flowing – What you give, what you get. Begin to co-operate with others; others will start to co-operate with you and you will have beautiful relation developed. If you don’t believe in this, I challenge you to experiment and experience it yourself.

From my own experience, here are the things if we experiment, adopt and implement in life, life and work place experience will be much better. The very 1st which is must- Time is money and I can’t waste it and after that

1. Every one is unique and wonderful the way they are. Accept them; embrace them as they are instead of finding fault in them, criticizing them. They are doing their job/role, and I need to do mine. By doing this, you won’t get upset with anyone. You will have healthy relationship with whom so ever you meet.

2. Situation/circumstances/obstacles/hurdles will come in my way but I don’t need to get tired/dishearten. Always find something positive out of every single situation and feel the magic of positive thinking. It is always easy to complain, tell yourself complain is not permitted and find solution. Train your mind to always look for solution instead of problem.

3. When you are in conflict with someone, respect other opinion first and then present your opinion. Good feelings and then good communication can resolve 90 % of conflicts. And 10 %, if you don’t agree let it go.

There are days when you are low on energy and happiness index is also low, I would recommend to take some rest and read something which would uplift you, watch something which will inspire you, talk to someone who will listen to you or have your own favorite quotes/learning noted down somewhere like I do and read it over and again to bring back enthusiasm and increase your happiness index. In my opinion zeal and enthusiasm are two wings, which you have to take good care of if you want to fly high. So be inspired and make other inspired too. You can’t inspire others unless you are inspired enough.

Zig Ziglar said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last well, neither does bathing- that’s why we recommend it daily.”

I am strong believer in “Charity begins at home” and I can do it everyday while walking/talking and working in Cisco with my own colleagues by giving them good wishes/energy/smile everyday and every moment. You really don’t need to do Charity during holidays or find less fortunate people for donation; you can do everyday every minute. If we all believe in this, I am sure we will have better place to work and live. We people regardless of our age/color/gender/ethnicity inherit responsibility to make this world a better place to exist for our future generations. Lets us do our fair share.


Punam Nagpal


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