Punam Nagpal


Quality Metrics

Punam has been in Hi-Tech for more than 15 years and 12 years leading various projects in Cisco Engineering. She is passionate about software quality so she recently joined Corporate Quality team as Release Quality Assurance to improve customer experience. She is not only passionate about software quality but also the quality of relationships and the quality of life. She believes that - Quality Starts With Me.


February 8, 2013


Juggling Work-Life Balance in Demanding Times

12 years back when I delivered my first child, I went into postpartum depression and lost my work-life balance. I know exactly how it feels to lose balance and how to regain it. I have developed a purpose to make women more aware about symptoms of losing work-life balance and providing solutions that worked for […]

December 6, 2012


Inspiring across the generation- what does it mean to me?

2 min read

From baby boomers to generation X to digital generation of the twenty-first century, it is more important to find similarities in people expectations and experiences than to focus on the differences.  We all want respect, peace, love, lightness, happiness and joy. And it is not hard to get these things if we follow simple principles.