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Each year, Cisco Live is packed with thousands of partners, innovators and progressive thinkers looking beyond today to transform technology tomorrow. For women in the technology industry, Cisco Live 2015 provided us with the opportunity to “ReDEFINE” ourselves, both personally and professionally.  CEWN hosted several events during Cisco Live, including riveting keynotes, intuitive panels, “TED talk”-style stories and invaluable executive mentoring sessions with Cisco leaders.

Priscila David, Anuja Singh & Rima AlameddineAs part of the third annual Cisco Empowered Women’s Network (CEWN) Forum at Cisco Live, we embraced the theme “ReDEFINE Tomorrow, Today” to highlight today’s definitions of leadership, networking, innovation and success – and how women are empowered to redefine what all of these words look like for us tomorrow.

Mel Robbins

Our closing keynote, led by the awe-inspiring Mel Robbins discussed adopting a positive “contender” role versus a the “competitor” mindset to fearlessly using the “5 Second Rule” to making yourself memorable and known, CEWN forum attendees, executives and speakers came in with their own perspective and left empowered on how to evolve it to fit today’s dynamic tech environments.

We want to keep the conversation going. Join us with our amazing founders Anuja Singh, Rima Alameddine, Priscila David and the inspirational Mel Robbins of the Cisco Empowered Women’s Network for a #CiscoChat on Wednesday, June 24, from 9 to 10 a.m. PST. We’ll review the highlights of our forum discussion and converse on all of the CEWN activities that inspired and resonated with attendees. We will also take a deeper dive into driving a contender vs. competitor mindset, steps women are taking to reinvigorate their careers and the most memorable Cisco Live CEWN moments.


How did the Cisco Empowered Women’s Network events shape your Cisco Live experience this year? Ready to share your favorite memories, key takeaways and the impacts they had? Be sure to join the discussion on Wednesday, June 24 9-10am PST using the hashtag #CiscoChat & #CiscoEWN!

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