Digital Transformation is disrupting businesses in every industry and breaking down barriers between people, businesses and things. Processes are getting digitally interconnected, organizations are embracing open ecosystems and digital engagements are increasing. All these are leading to increase in overall attack surface and businesses are becoming vulnerable to attack.

Security is synonymous to innovation and growth as it drives trust and should be a fundamental part of every Digital Transformation Strategy. In order to secure the business, organization need the following three critical capabilities:

  • Comprehensive Threat intelligence
  • Faster Threat Discovery
  • Highest Security Effectiveness

Cisco provides the combined power of these capabilities together.

  • Cisco has the most comprehensive threat intelligence platform, Cisco Talos that detects and correlates threat data in real time at scale . Talos has visibility into 2% of global internet traffic and blocks around 20 billion threats a day. Cisco also monitors 500 billion emails and 16 billion web requests every day.  Cisco Talos feeds near real time threat intelligence to Cisco security products & solutions.
  • Faster breach detection is a must, as many breaches go undetected for months. If you can detect in time, you can not protect fast enough. Cisco provides the fastest threat discovery in the Industry as it detects 96% of threats in the first 5 mins of breach vs nearest competitor that detects only 27% threats as per independent NSS Lab report.
  • And finally, every digital business looks for highest security effectiveness. Cisco provides highest security effectiveness of 99.2% as per NSS Lab report.

At the Rio 2016 Olympic Games , Cisco detected 40 million security threats, blocked 23 million attacks & 4 million security threats and mitigated 223 major DDoS attacks.

Cisco provides effective security that works together so that you can see more, protect better and respond faster in the digital era. For more information, please visit our Why Cisco for Digital Transformation White Paper.



Pankaj Gupta

Director, Market Management

Enterprise PSM - Portfolio, Software, and Campus Switching