We are excited to announce the completely refreshed Cisco Enterprise Agreement (EA), passionately built from scratch for our customers.

Customers are telling us they want a simpler way to consume technology. They need to easily manage software, respond to consistent changes, and get the most value from their investment. For these reasons, we are introducing the Cisco Enterprise Agreement. Nothing like this has ever been done before at Cisco.

Every company is working on their digital transformation, which is about creating new customer experiences, transforming processes and business models, and empowering workforce efficiency and innovation. However, digital transformation requires a digital ready infrastructure that is built to enable networking, collaboration, and security. Fortunately, this is exactly what the Cisco Enterprise Agreement offers. With Cisco EA, customers can buy, deploy, and manage software in a single agreement across Cisco’s best in class portfolios for networking, collaboration, and security. For networking, we include our innovative Cisco ONE Software offers for data center, WAN, and access. For collaboration, get the latest and greatest software innovation like Spark for messaging, meetings, and calling. Lastly, secure everything with the most complete security portfolio in the industry for any email, web, and policy needs.

Our agreement has two key value propositions. The Cisco EA makes it simpler, and it delivers more value.

Here is how we make it simpler. First, the terms of this agreement are standardized on one contract for three or 5-years no matter what you purchase. Second, access to a single license management portal with a real-time consumption view is granted with the Cisco EA. Third, say goodbye to box-by-box contracts and instead get blanket, enterprise-wide and co-terminated service coverage. Fourth, Cisco infrastructure software includes license portability for flexible deployment across physical, virtual, and cloud. We completely refreshed the Cisco EA to remove complexity.

We also deliver more value. First, the Cisco EA includes a generous 20 percent growth allowance for additional software and services used during your multiyear term at no charge. Second, is our unique True-Forward process, a customer-friendly substitute for true ups that eliminates retroactive fees by only adjusting for overages in the next billing period. Third, enjoy investment protection as your existing software earns credit towards a Cisco EA. We deliver more value to make it easy to manage your growth.

Already, the Cisco Enterprise Agreement is gaining momentum with positive feedback from partners and over one hundred customers. To learn more, visit the following URLs.

Our website: http://www.cisco.com/go/ea

Press release: https://newsroom.cisco.com/press-release content?type=webcontent&articleId=1850044



Pankaj Gupta

Director, Market Management

Enterprise PSM - Portfolio, Software, and Campus Switching