Digital Transformation is changing the landscape of businesses everywhere. To enable new customer experiences, accelerate workforce innovation and introduce innovative business models companies are digitizing their business operations. Buildings- be it a retail store, a factory floor, a healthcare or an educational institution or your very own workplace- are central to this digital transformation.

Building owners are looking at technology convergence to deliver enhanced occupant experiences and improved efficiencies in their buildings. However, as the number of networks and connections within buildings grows, they are becoming increasingly complex. Interconnecting and interoperating isolated building systems such as lighting, HVAC, badging systems, security, CCTV, sensors and audio-video equipment, into a single converged system is fundamental to the digital transformation of buildings. Today’s building systems and equipment need to work together smoothly and efficiently to meet owners’ and occupants’ needs, which requires a holistic approach of integrating new technologies.

Cisco has the leading footprint in network innovation and our vision is to build the next generation building architecture for which we are announcing the Cisco Catalyst Digital Building Series switch– A big step towards a robust foundation for the next-generation digital buildings. This is industry’s first purpose-built switch optimized for low voltage PoE deployments, IoT connectivity and building automation in smart buildings. Digital Building Series switches will greatly simplify the deployment experience with integrated security and lower total cost of ownership.

5 innovations we are bringing to market to accelerate digital transformation of buildings are:

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  • Convergence – This switch enables IP convergence and interoperability of disparate building systems such as lighting, HVAC, badging systems, surveillance over CoAP protocol.
  • Extending Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture to Digital Buildings – Automation, security, and analytics brought to digital buildings for IoT devices enabling faster on-boarding, automated provisioning and monitoring, intelligent threat detection and mitigation. For instance lighting ports can only be used for lighting and not to access other areas in the network.
  • Fast & Perpetual UPOE – Industry’s first 60W per port Cisco UPOE technology delivers twice the power of current PoE+, thereby powering higher luminosity for bigger brighter lighting fixtures. Fast start up and non-stop power through Perpetual UPOE helps power lights back on within 5 seconds during a power outage.
  • Simple Smart Installation – This is the 1st ever Bluetooth enabled switch with a mobile app for unmatched ease-of-use & installation (iOS & Android app). It simplifies the deployment experience to a point where any IT and OT personnel can install it.
  • Fanless Design – Industry’s 1st semi-ruggedized fanless switch which makes it ideal for noise free deployment in ceilings. It enables a stellar noise-free customer experience.

We’re excited about the new opportunities we can bring to our customers in the digital building and enterprise IOT space through our converged ecosystem of partners, products and solutions.

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Simplify, secure and save through our network innovation for digital buildings –There has never been a better to make your buildings smarter. So, are you ready to embrace the Digital Building revolution?

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Pankaj Gupta

Director, Market Management

Enterprise PSM - Portfolio, Software, and Campus Switching