One of the things I really value in both my work and personal life is creativity. I always challenge myself and my team to do things differently, in a better way that will inspire others. I’m lucky at Cisco to be surrounded by innovative people and technologies that help us bring creative ideas to life each day.  Like many companies today, we know that if we do not transform ourselves – sometimes in the most disruptive ways – we will not be able to maintain customer loyalty or our competitive edge. Innovations like cloud, mobile, and video – and connecting the dots between them – provide completely new ways to conduct business, empower employees, and engage with customers.

Imagine shopping online (one activity I like very much), then going to a store and having the salesperson already know your tastes and needs. Imagine having real-time vitals on your health due to sensors in your body that automatically adapt your medication dosage or notify your doctor of critical changes. This is what digital transformation is about – changing business models, personalizing customer experiences, empowering employees, and reducing risk.

Digitization is causing huge disruption and changing the way we consume, but also improving the way companies develop, sell, and service. In order to keep up with the pace of change, organizations must leverage technology to redefine the way they do business. Digitization creates engaging customer and employee experiences, accelerates business, and drives new revenue. It inspires companies to reimagine their business so they can stay in business. All it takes is a problem that needs solving, a creative spark, and the right inspiration.

image002This week 15,000 marketing and communications experts from the world’s leading brands like Coca Cola, Facebook, and Disney will converge at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity to share that spark of inspiration and generate new innovative ideas. Musicians, film executives, creative directors, and app developers will discuss how technology, creativity, and customer experience come together. I’m thrilled to see Cisco making our debut at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity next week. Our team will connect with big thinkers and the organizations that drive change in the world. And we will be showing digital transformation in action. Attendees will discover growing, producing, and selling wine through the eyes of Cisco digital solutions. With our solutions growers can improve efficiencies for water usage, temperatures, grape spoilage, and more. Wine producers can improve product quality and consistency through barrel inventory tracking and temperature throughout the aging process. Wine retailers can deliver a personal experience for customers by providing remote access to expert sommeliers, optimizing consumer activity in stores, and providing tailored offers. No matter what industry you are in, Cisco is bringing digital capabilities to every aspect of the journey, delivering secure, automated interactions, and data-driven results.

It’s time to be bold and use technology to do more than we imagined possible. At Cannes Lions, you will be able to see how Cisco digital solutions make a difference in the wine industry. And it goes far beyond that into every part of our lives. From enabling remote healthcare to connected classrooms and driverless trucks in dangerous locations, digital is truly transforming our world.

The companies that succeed will be the ones who embrace creativity and reimagine ways to engage their employees, partners, and customers. I’d love to hear how you are disrupting your business with technology. And, if you’re in Cannes, stop by our booth to explore the connection between digitization, creativity, and impact.


Inbar Lasser-Raab

No Longer with Cisco