Transforming the way we do business

The Cisco Enterprise Agreement transforms the way Cisco sells software and the value we offer to the relationships we have with our customers and partners.

The Cisco EA is a cross-architecture, multiyear agreement that provides organizations enterprise-wide entitlement to suites of products and services. It provides access to any or all of the capabilities in collaboration, infrastructure and security with room for customers to grow later.

The benefits of Cisco EA go beyond the capabilities within the suites themselves. The agreement delivers an enhanced customer experience with flexibility in how they purchase Cisco software, and how they deploy it (on-premise, cloud, SaaS, hybrid, etc.).

Cisco EA supports customer transformations through digitization.

Transformation (noun): a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance

Customer business transformations start with digitization and digitization starts with connecting people, devices, locations and data. Because a business transformation does not happen overnight, numerous issues can and do arise in a multi-year journey. Markets and industries often move faster than the rate of business transformation; this requires that companies have a flexible way to purchase, deploy, and adopt multiple products and services to be agile and stay competitive.

The Cisco EA supports a customer’s entire business transformation lifecycle by providing:

  • Faster, scalable, and optimized network connections with
    analytic capabilities that monitor status in real-time with Cisco ONE suites
  • Simple, intuitive applications to increase productivity and collaboration with the Spark collaboration suite
  • World-class security everywhere with Cisco security suites – built to work with Cisco or competitive products

All of these benefits are provided in a simple, flexible, and scalable way.

In addition to transforming their existing business with the ease of purchase that a Cisco EA provides, customers can also expand into new business opportunities by taking advantage of the “True Forward” and “Growth Allowance” features of the agreement. They help customers grow and consume Cisco software products worry-free and without penalty.

Cisco EA supports Cisco and partner transformations through standardization.

The Cisco EA standardizes the way we support our software business strategy of delivering ongoing value to customers, and how we support customer transformations through digitization. As Mark Hill, VP Digitization makes clear only the Cisco EA offers access to deep portfolio in a single agreement. Cisco is the only IT company that has the depth of portfolio to effectively support customer digital transformations.

The Cisco EA drives scale and maximizes revenue opportunities for partners and for Cisco. The new, centralized, standardized framework accelerates the time to market of new product and service offers to all existing and new customers, and simplifies field and partner led sales motions to accelerate future adoption of the program.

To find out more about the Cisco EA, please visit www.cisco.com/go/ea



Hyunil Kim

Director, Strategy & Planning

CPO | Cisco Plus Operations