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It’s amazing and inspiring to hear the stories of how developers are using Cisco technologies to do good in the world. Let me share a couple quick examples before urging you to join us to hear more at DevNet Create 2021 on October 19-21.

Free meals to struggling families

Sometime in 2020, footballer Marcus Rashford started a series of tweets to over 5 million of his followers. He highlighted the restaurants, cafes, and other organizations which were providing free meals to struggling families and children during the holidays in the UK.

Ollie Gerrard, an apprentice at Cisco saw this as an opportunity to put his technical skills to test to create an application which maps out these places offering free meals. The application made it easier for people to access this aid.

Booking a vaccine slot

As Covid-19 hit and got worse in 2021, booking a vaccination slot became an utmost priority. Like everyone else, Sulabh Agarwal was trying to book a vaccine slot for his family in India. Looking at the cumbersome booking process, Sulabh decided to create a web application and a bot to make the process of vaccine slot booking less stressful.

In the following months of creating the application, hundreds of people around him were able to quickly book their slots and get vaccinated. Here’s what his booking process looked like:

Hear “Tech for Good” Stories at DevNet Create


“Tech for Good” segment at DevNet Create 2021

You and I are surrounded by people like these who have used their technical skills to make a difference. The “Tech for Good” segment at DevNet Create 2021 is pleased to bring forward stories of such people from around the globe where technology is used for good.

The goal is simple – To inspire developers and engineers to use their skills to build solutions that tackle social problems. No matter how small the impact is, what matters is that YOU create a ripple.

The “Tech for Good” segment will be aired on Channel 1 – DevNet Create. The segment will host regional speakers for each wave of the event starting from AMERICAS, and following the sun to APJC and EMEAR.

Don’t miss hearing more about these interesting stories!

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What’s New?

DevNet Create encourages each of you to act and give back to promote diversity in STEM and the fight to end racism and discrimination through global education. By donating to Cisco DevNet Create 2021 BrightFund you can support any of the four non-profits mentioned in the fund list.

Do you have ideas for “Tech for Good” projects? Or are you looking for like-minded people to collaborate with on your project? You can reach out to us at devnetcreateforgood@cisco.com with your ideas or projects. We can help you find the right resources to get you started on your social impact journey.

After all, between hope and possible there is a bridge. Be the Bridge!

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