Every business has mission critical applications that they rely on in their daily operations. For many companies those critical applications are SAP ERP, and these companies need infrastructure to handle intensive workloads from these apps. Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) provides many advantages, like simplified management and flexibility, for deploying your SAP ERP, but you have to pick the right one. Your business needs a powerful, modernized HCI system that provides consistent, fast performance, even during peak usage, and scales easily as your business needs grow.

Why Cisco HyperFlex SAP Modernization Platform is the answer?
Cisco HyperFlex provides the performance needed for your SAP app workloads with simple management, reduced TCO, and cloud-like flexibility. HyperFlex was also the 1st virtualized HCI solution to be benchmarked by SAP. Why is HyperFlex the right HCI choice for your SAP ERP apps? Because performance matters. Ask ESG. They tested HyperFlex against the competitors using HCIBench. They found that not only did HyperFlex have 3 times higher VM density, but it was more consistent, with a 7-to-1 reduction in IOPS variability, and faster, with 3x reduced read/write latency compared to the competition. Better yet, ask your peers – our customers. CorpFlex, a managed IT service provider, has benefited from switching 20 plus customers to Cisco HyperFlex for their SAP ERP applications. Not only are they running SAP ERP on HyperFlex, they are also running their databases with Cisco infrastructure. Some of those customers are running both SAP ERP and either Microsoft SQL or Oracle databases on HyperFlex, while the rest are running the SAP apps on HyperFlex and the SAP HANA database on the SAP HANA Innovation Award winning Cisco UCS. CorpFlex CEO Edivaldo Rocha explains that “HyperFlex’s approach ensures high performance of Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases and critical applications with faster delivery of the environment, lower costs, and more effective management.” Other companies running SAP ERP on HyperFlex include a retailer, an electronics company, and manufacturers. Read CorpFlex’s HyperFlex story.

Engineered for performance for your most critical applications
Cisco HyperFlex systems with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors deliver hyperconvergence with the power and simplicity for any application, at any scale. Engineered on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and with integrated network fabric, Cisco HyperFlex delivers the agility, scalability, and pay-as-you-grow economics of the cloud with the benefits of on-premises infrastructure. The HX Data Platform combines the cluster’s storage devices into a single distributed, multitier, object-based data store that enables all cluster resources to participate in I/O responsiveness and the high-performance, scale-out file system dynamically distributes data across the data store. Powerful enterprise-class data optimization features, including always-on compression and deduplication, thin provisioning, native replication, and space-efficient, pointer-based snapshots and clones, reduce storage cost without affecting performance. With the flexibility to scale by adding compute or storage nodes separately and the option of hybrid or all-flash HyperFlex nodes, you can choose the exact resources your business needs and scale easily as those needs change. Combining these features, HyperFlex provides powerful, consistent performance, simplified management, and a lower TCO, making it the ideal hyperconverged infrastructure for mission critical SAP ERP workloads.

Making SAP HANA easy
Within a Cisco UCS chassis, you can create a landscape with SAP application servers running on Cisco HyperFlex systems and a database platform running on a certified SAP HANA appliance. A single administrator can manage the entire deployment through one familiar interface, further simplifying operations. This means that in one system both legacy SAP applications and new SAP HANA applications can run seamlessly on HyperFlex, while the HANA database runs on a SAP HANA certified UCS C-Series Server appliance. Plus, you get the #1 choice for SAP HANA deployment and an SAP HANA Innovation Award winner in Cisco UCS.

Learn about deploying SAP ERP with HyperFlex & the Cisco HyperFlex SAP Modernization Platform.

Attending SAP Sapphire next week? Come by Cisco booth #550 to learn more about HyperFlex solutions for SAP. Stay tuned during the conference for an announcement of a new SAP solution from Cisco Container Platform and HyperFlex.



Stephen Selgrade

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Solutions - Data Center Marketing