Never before has the healthcare industry been at the forefront of the global stage, and never before has it been this reliant on advanced technologies.

Delivering optimised care, protecting sensitive data, and improving operational and cost efficiency requires the right kind of foundational infrastructure. One that can bring together a host of clinical devices, applications, and information systems. One that is flexible and scalable enough to meet escalating business and clinical demands. And one that can capably safeguard patient, user, and operational data.

Eliminating technology silos that are complex, time consuming, and costly to manage is the key. For many companies, this means a straight migration to the public cloud. But in the healthcare space where security is a top priority, regulations are strictly enforced, and applications are truly “life-critical,” on-premises solutions like hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) are a better fit.

That’s why healthcare providers like Stockport NHS are modernising and standardising their data centre infrastructure on Cisco HyperFlex, Cisco ACI, and Cisco Intersight.

Stockport NHS was able to eliminate separate technology silos by establishing a tightly integrated, virtualised platform that is stretched across two data centres. Technology consistency and alignment has improved everything from user access to application performance to data analytics. Segmentation and policy-driven automation have strengthened Stockport NHS’ security posture. And centralised, cloud-based management has enhanced infrastructure orchestration and operational efficiency.

In addition to seeing a 20X improvement in SQL workload performance, Stockport NHS has reduced its IT support and licensing costs by nearly £100,000 per year as a result of these changes. And it is well prepared to meet the clinical and business needs of the future – whatever they may be.

To learn more about Stockport NHS’ data centre modernisation, read the full case study.

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Darren Williams

EMEAR UCS & HyperFlex Leader