FlexPod had a great 2014 and continues to be a leader in the integrated infrastructure market.  The collaboration and execution between the Cisco and NetApp teams have delivered the following results:

  • Greater than 5,000 customers across 100 countries
  • More than $3B in revenue
  • 80+ validated designs
  • 1100+ Partners

Customer needs continue to change, Cisco and NetApp are addressing those needs by introducing new solutions, technologies, and offerings to accelerate and manage applications in the data center and at the edge. We will also enhance and validate existing solutions with our latest products and technologies. We are excited to be introducing the following new offerings, technologies, and solutions to the FlexPod portfolio:

• FlexPod with UCS Mini

• Cisco UCS B200 M4 Servers
• Cisco UCS Manager 2.2
• Cisco UCS Director
• Cisco Nexus 9000
• NetApp Data ONTAP 8.2

FlexPod Data Center with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Cisco ACI
FlexPod Datacenter with Microsoft Exchange 2013 and Cisco ACI
FlexPod Data Center with Microsoft Private Cloud 4.0

FlexPod with UCS Mini
An increasing amount of computing is being done outside the data center at the edge. FlexPod with UCS Mini is a simple, easy to manage, and expandable solution that brings the performance and power of Cisco UCS integration in an all-in-one, small footprint optimized for non-datacenter environments, such as remote sites, branch offices, and any location where data is generated and compute resources are  needed. The UCS Management portfolio enables remote operation, automation and policy enforcement across massive multi-site footprints, enabling customers who have invested in FlexPod in their core data centers to leverage that investment at their smaller remote and branch offices.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2015 with FlexPod. These new solutions and technologies will enable FlexPod to meet a wide range of IT needs and run the most business-critical applications whether they are located in the data center or at the edge.  To learn more about our FlexPod portfolio visit our website and to see all our validated designs check out the DesignZone for FlexPod.