SAP customers have found Cisco HyperFlex responds faster to the demands of their production workloads and improves business services with agility, flexibility and simplicity.  SAP data centers around the world are already using Cisco HyperFlex to run HANA and to modernize their infrastructure, unlocking the full potential of HCI for easier migrations, simplified management and improved performance.

SAP customers improve productivity and time-to-market with Cisco HyperFlex

Most large enterprises depend on legacy ERP and SCM to run their core business operations. Cisco HyperFlex provides a simple path to modernize infrastructure for those SAP environments while minimizing risk by eliminating the need to take down operations or re-design established business processes. HyperFlex allows SAP clients to seamlessly manage both HANA and non-HANA workloads, optimizing ROI while boosting system performance.


Based in Brazil, CorpFlex provides customized technological managed services that offer superior performance capabilities for their customers. By delivering robust solutions in a complete, agile, intelligent and flexible private-cloud platform, they help customers reduce costs and elevate IT productivity.

CorpFlex chose Cisco HyperFlex to help them provide better service to their customers.  They migrated SQL Server and Oracle databases to the platform, as well as mission critical applications including SAP apps and Microsoft Sharepoint and Exchange.

“HyperFlex’s approach ensures high performance of Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases and critical applications with faster delivery of the environment, lower costs, and more effective management,” said Edivaldo Rocha, CEO at CorpFlex.

CorpFlex currently has 20 SAP clients running on Cisco HyperFlex. In addition, some CorpFlex customers are running SAP HANA on Cisco UCS, with the option to shift their HANA deployments to HyperFlex if they need more memory and storage, which allows them to maintain low latency at reduced TCO.


PrestigeBrands, a leading global consumer healthcare products maker with headquarters in New York, needed to migrate their SAP environment to new infrastructure and also migrate to SAP HANA. After evaluating several solutions and options, they decided to keep their applications on premises, deploying SAP applications on Cisco HyperFlex and the HANA database on Cisco UCS.

“When we switched to HyperFlex we immediately saw improvement in our SAP environments,” said George Gutierrez, Senior Manager Network & Applications at PrestigeBrands. “Reports that had previously taken 15 to 20 minutes are completed in a fraction of that time. HyperFlex also gave us more flexibility, simpler management and reduced our power consumption.”

PrestigeBrands has been running HANA on HyperFlex in a sandbox (non-production) environment, but with the certification of HyperFlex for HANA they plan to move the production HANA database to HyperFlex as well. They are also implementing a Disaster Recovery site in Dallas and plan to install HyperFlex for full redundancy of their critical data.

Innotron Memory

Innotron Memory, a memory chips manufacturer based in China, is currently running its SAP ERP applications, SAP Process Orchestration, and SAP HANA development and testing on Cisco HyperFlex. By running SAP applications on Cisco HyperFlex, Innotron is able to increase performance, improve automatic recovery capabilities and simplify management, while reducing IT costs.

In addition, Innotron runs its SAP HANA production databases on Cisco UCS C460 servers. By combining UCS and HyperFlex platforms, Innotron gains a total solution that provides easier management and reduces cost, combined with one-stop service.

Asia General Holding Co. Ltd

Asia General Holding Company, which manufactures transformers and panel, is using Cisco HyperFlex across all their operations. They previously ran an old ERP system but needed to switch to SAP A1 HANA to handle their growing scale and needed a modern, powerful infrastructure solution to run it on. They chose Cisco HyperFlex because of its performance and security benefits. They have already noticed improved performance, faster and more efficient, in the SAP applications and faster communication between the applications and the database.

IT Team Leader U Than Tun Oo states that “We know that as long as we are partners with Cisco, our technology will never be lagging behind.” In addition to running their SAP Apps on Cisco HyperFlex, Asia General Holding Company runs the HANA database on a HANA certified Cisco UCS appliance.

Your mileage will not vary!

These examples represent a fairly divers group of customers…on purpose.  I’m sharing examples from all over the world and from a variety of industries, representing a variety of workloads, because I believe most SAP customers can benefit from modernization with HyperFlex regardless of how they use SAP.


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