Application teams are the backbone of the revenue generating capabilities of all companies.  These creative people spend their off-hours working with the latest tools to keep their skills sharp.  Increasingly, these teams are going into the public cloud to develop their applications.  Why?  Developers need resources in days.  Procurement and IT quote resource delivery in weeks.

As the pace of business increases, developers need tools that help them accelerate the design and deployment of applications.  They want resources quickly, on-demand. Watch this video to learn how Cisco meets the need for on-demand resources.


Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite delivers the tools and capabilities sought by application teams with:

  • Self-service delivery of resources from a self-service portal capable of supporting a wide range of automated services such as application stacks, basic business tasks and development/test sandboxes that can delivered within minutes.  With Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite your development sandbox environments can be located in the private or hybrid cloud and seamlessly managed from the same user interface.
  • The embedded stack designer allows application developers to combine standard infrastructure templates with application components to create complete application stacks.  HEAT orchestration converts these stacks into automated services so they can be repeatedly ordered on-demand.

New Stack Designer

  • Consistent infrastructure that is preconfigured to the needs of applications (for example:  Puppet on Windows, SQL with high availability).  Trust Cisco to automate provisioning of virtual networking and network services that are coalesced with compute, storage and virtualization to deliver application teams the consistent infrastructure needed to accelerate application deployment.

Applications are the lifeblood of your business so make sure your teams have the tools they need to speed-up design and deployment.  Let Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite deliver secure, consistent infrastructure and applications on-demand into private or hybrid environments allowing your business to soar.

To learn more about this solution, download the latest technical white paper.


Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco